Role play massage Barcelona

Role play massage Barcelona

Role play massage Barcelona

Role play massage Barcelona is about matching your erotic #gaymassage to your most intimate and individual needs.

Fetish massage is about enjoying to your private erotic fantasies. Because you have your own erotic fantasies, and living them up is a way to find intimate and deep satisfaction. And also release. I can make it happen!

Role play massage Barcelona

My gay Role play massage Barcelona is your best option to make come true an erotic fantasy you maybe did not confess to anybody. And you don’t need to speak about it.

besides, you can choose among several different masseurs. Just to match your personal preferences!

Please check the exclusive masseurs!

Gay Role play

I have to tag my Role play massage Barcelona as “gay” because it usually happens from man to man, male to male. This does not mean you or me have to be gay, bisensual or whatever tag you wish to use. I have to use the word “gay” in order to make clear it is between two men, no matter what sensual preferences.

Daddy & Son Role play

I used to offer a 4-hands erotic massage together with a much younger masseur. This special erotic massage has brought me many customers asking me to be their father or their son. I can also play these roles on a one-on-one massage or individual massage sessions.

As you can see you will be able to make different combinations of male masseurs!

Please contact me if you need to discuss additional details!

Teacher Role play

Many men have sensual fantasies involving a teacher. I can also play this Role play massage for your enjoyment. Read more about the specific “spanking massage” under the Category of fetish massage in this blog.

Military fetish massage

May men from around the world have sensual fantasies about military and uniform. Straight men, bisensual men and gay men, no matter what sensual orientation. Please let me know what is your preferred military role play. We can discuss a wide range of details and possibilities. Jack is the perfect candidate for this special fantasy!

Doctor Role play

There are lots of videos about doctors and nurses abusing patients. Some of them feel really fake. If this is a fantasy you wish to live up in a very natural way please let me know.

Always discrete!

The place where I can welcome you is in the city center, the true city center. Meaning the intersection of Diputació and Aribau. This is a place not even known for erotic massage but legitimate massage therapy.

When serving in your own hotel room I always dress as a regular citizen. I am never exposing your personal or professional profile.

I am always absolutely discreet and never share any kind of personal information. Not only the sensible information. No information at all.

Please go on exploring my website!

And finally feel free to call me if you need to place any question: contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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