Robin the trainer

Robin the trainer

Robin the trainer called me while I was driving back to Barcelona. I just served a client in his apartment in Sitges. So I pulled off the highway and stopped near the sports harbour in Castelldefels. Ironically Robin was in Sitges as well.

Fortunately he gave me some time. He said he liked my pictures so much, despite being straight. His talk sounded genuinely heterosensual, some shy nervousness come through his voice.

Matt didn’t have any massage the day before, so I thought he would be happy to serve this client. Instead of me. I was texting Robin and then Matt while I stopped my car. Just to see if he was free and keen on driving to Sitges. Surprisingly he answered right away and said he’d like to work.

As they say, surprises come three at a time, and the next was this one:

Since you and Matt are both available, I’d like you both to come. Is that what you call a 4-hands massage?

It is! The price is also twice.


Robin wasn’t in a rush so our arrival time was not an issue. I had time to drive on to Barcelona and pick up Matt.

During the ride through the tunnels Matt told me about his experiences in porn movies. As many of our clients already know, Matt has a very special blessing. Far beyond the average. He can’t help it, his bulge is always protruding in his pants. While he told me those stories about the porn movies he was also touching himself.

We are business colleagues though, so we save all this excitement to share with the client. Clients requesting a 4-hands massage are absolutely happy if we both also enjoy this sort of three-some.

Do you think Robin’s dick is bigger than mine?

Your dick is unique!

That brought back the smile to his face. As we started to drive heading to Barcelona Matt showed me his erection. He was feeling very horny, and that was perfect for the next session we were about to give. Yet we didn’t know!

Our next 4-hands massage together was for Marius the Romanian.

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