Risk zero

Risk zero massage

Risk zero

Risk zero means the absolute certainty that everything is going to be perfect. This concept also means any dangers are excluded from this experience.

Risk zero and perfectionism

It’s difficult, sometimes impossible, to qualify a service as absolutely safe. But this is always my personal goal. Paco speaking here.

Though let me start the story one step at a time.

Over the last 20 years all of my friends always have been telling me this:

“Paco, you never go any risk. But everything you do just works perfectly. You have never failed in anything!”

While other friends have made lots of money investing in risky businesses, I never did. I have always bet on absolutely certainties.

Some other friends have lost a fortune to face terrible bankruptcy.

I hate failing, so before starting to offer a given service, I first learn it to perfection. I always make sure everything is ready to work flawlessly. Not only my specific job but everything surrounding the experience.

Safety is the way to satisfaction

So I never do anything I can’t fully guarantee.

Since my goal is your absolute satisfaction. Many guys appreciate this statement. Because it makes them feel absolutely safe!

Besides, I’m aware that in this industry of massage you’ll bump into many interesting profiles without any sort of guarantee, but very high risks instead.

Gay men choosing those risky services are not my clients. And I can say this because I have served one or two gentlemen who were really into risky guys, almost on the edge of criminals. These have been the only guys who left my gay massage studio with some weird faces. They even risked the fact of being deceived by a safe masseur!

Risk zero and gay massage

Of course all men are absolutely free to choose whatever service they prefer. Reasons who feel much more relevant that safety are also possible. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find many places to try!

But, how close is safety to boredom?

Beyond the impossible

Though I also think that too safe experiences can result in something mediocre. And we all appreciate some excitement, right?

Let’s use an example. A bit extreme, as rollercoasters. Once you decide to ride one of these, you expect an experience which is full of adrenaline! Because we strive for more and more intense moments in life. Adrenaline, discovering and trying territories. Sometimes close to death, but safe enough not to risk one hair!

The erotic massages we are offering are the best examples of how intense, exciting and fulfilling a massage can be.

Yes, we take many risks, so we are using grips that not everybody is expecting during a massage. But this is exactly what brings the highest satisfaction to our clients!

The most exciting is yet to come

Once you try our range of most exciting massages you’l, understand what I’m trying to say here. Of course you guess I won’t make any spoiler!

So enough information for the time being!

Anatomy is a science

While massage builds on human anatomy, which is a science, the practice of this job also needs a huge amount of talent and experience. Because learning anatomy, then some protocols and grips is not enough to deliver the really jaw-dropping experience we are serving.

Let’s say that anatomy and massage protocols are the foundation of an excellent massage. But to make it pop out among all other massages offered, you need the spark of talent, attitude and ambition.

That’s why our massages remain in the memory of so many guys!

“How do you call something thats’ far over excellent?”


Being able to deliver this service for the fullest satisfaction is probably the main reason why we have so many recurring clients. Not only locals though! From the sole world.

Everything you have been reading here also applies to all other masseurs I can also suggest! Because I choose my fellow masseurs very carefully! Consequently any of us only wants your highest level of satisfaction.

Always exciting! Always safe.

All of us are offering the interactive Tantric massage. While lesser menus are offered by some specific masseurs.

If you have any sort of doubts, please check FAQs or contact us directly!

We will be very happy to serve you!

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