Rentmen Barcelona

Rentmen Barcelona

Rentmen Barcelona

Rentmen Barcelona is a term many guys are using to search for gay masseurs in Barcelona.

Because many gay men see a gay erotic masseur as a man for rent, gay escort or gay sex worker.

Though we can offer you much more!

Rentmen Barcelona

Of course we are not looking for long term relationships. We are offering our erotic services for gay men. So we are professional.

What the rentmen Barcelona can offer

Since we are a group of many masseurs with different backgrounds, we can offer you different approaches to sexual pleasure.

  • Erotic massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Sensual massage
  • Full service with FredMatt or Leo
  • Boyfriend experience

Because we understand that each and every man has different needs. So the requests are very different from each other.

Since we have different backgrounds and interests, you will sure find one of us who is completely meeting your expectations.

6 Rentmen Barcelona

We are a group of gay and bisexual masseurs. We obviously serve gay men, bisexual men and also straight men —the ones who are curious about our service!

So you can choose among a variety of masculine profiles.

Leo, Mister Barcelona

Leo is a young scoundrel, on the nice side though! He won several Mister Barcelona contests. Leo is very engaging in all sorts of erotic massage —and also sexual encounters.

Fred, the Brazilian perfect body

Fred is just as amazing as he looks! After meeting him once many men have a hard job adapting to other guys!

Matt, extremely endowed

Matt is a young bisexual guy. His penis is just amazingly huge. Matt is a very sweet and passionate masseur and lover.

Tyson, the black masseur

Tyson is a Caribbean black man. Masculine yet very sensitive and sensual in his massage experiences. He masters the most peaceful gay tantric massages in Barcelona!

Paco, the young daddy

Paco is the most versatile and engaging erotic masseur in Barcelona. His expertise is beyond limits, so he has the largest client list in Barcelona. Both for local customers and international recurring gentlemen. Beyond expertise, Paco has the true massage wisdom for all sorts of profiles. His magic massage is capable of miracles, literally.

Jack, the endowed and butch massage expert

Jack has been working in New York for many years. His muscular body is masculine beyond description. He also sports an amazingly huge dick and the biggest testicles in the world. Though don’t think he’s just a muscle wall. His expertise is jaw-dropping.

Angelo, the Caribbean

Angelo is extremely tall, lean and defined. Well, and most of his clients focus on his huge tool! Angelo is very expert in massage. His big hands are warm and will make you feel extremely protected and excited.

6 reasons to rent us

We are serving gentlemen who have very clear demands. Though not all the reasons are the main priority to all of them. Because every man scores them differently.

  1. Excellent Quality
  2. Safety
  3. Sexy
  4. Reliability
  5. On time
  6. Talent for erotic bodywork

If you like to dd one more fact please let us know. We will absolutely adapt to your needs.

Gay group versus directory

Despite you may think it! We are not a huge gay massage directory because we want to keep it safe. This way we can offer the maximum reliability.

Since we know each other we can also serve 4-hands massages with the highest chemistry. Also couple massages and massage for groups —as in bachelor parties.


Make your choice, or call us to talk to us. Because by talking we will be able to help you best! Let’s talk about the best options and the best choice to meet all your demands.

Call Paco on +34676648226

Matt has his own website, so you can choose to contact him directly.

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