Male masseur in Spain

Relaxing massage prices

Even if this is the most affordable massage I am performing these days, the relaxing massage, relaxing Tantra massage or sensual massage is a unique experience, and not a cent less worth it.

Many men need to focus on a relaxing massage more than on an extremely erotic one. We all have our days and a specific preference for how we feel at a given moment.

This is the first of my range of massage menus, according to the increasing erotic intensity.

You can choose two different time lengths of this massage. Your freedom of choice is important to me. It is the best way to grant your satisfaction.

45 minutes
Relaxing Massage
Price: 90 €
60 minutes
Relaxing Massage
Price: 120 €

60 minutes Relaxing massage

This massage menu is about a spiritual and deep relaxation. I am performing it on a tatami or Japanese bed. It obviously includes happy ending. I will use my hands, forearms and will also give you some soft body to body massage. The focus on this massage menu is relaxation, peace and calm, emptying your mind from stress and trouble.

Price: 120 €

45 minutes Relaxing massage

The shorter "express massage version" is for men in a hurry or with just this short time between meetings. I will use my hands and forearms. Since the time is shorter there are no body-to-body techniques involved, and so it is performed on a massage table instead of a Japanese bed. It includes happy ending if you wish. The focus on this massage menu is achieving a calm and soothing relaxation, peace and emptying your mind from stress and trouble.

Price: 90 €

In-call and out-call Relaxing Massage: the same price

Your choice should be following your convenience, not the most affordable or most expensive option. Think of what feels better for you. Your freedom is my pleasure, and your pleasure is my satisfaction.