Relaxing gay massage

Relaxing massage

Relaxing gay massage

What do you expect from a Relaxing gay Massage? Some peaceful ambience, the right calm atmosphere. Some soft massage grips…

Relaxing Massage

And maybe some more relaxation. I confess my Relaxing Gay Massage goes a step further than other similar therapies.

The true goal of a Relaxing Massage is just this: setting up a massage session that is peaceful and calm. My therapy and soft strokes will empty your mind.

Secret techniques of relaxing gay massage

I use certain secret massage techniques that are able to take you to a very special state of mind. Some customers tell me after the massage they have the feeling of waking up from a trance. Because you are hardly aware from the process of falling intro this trance. You just know it after waking up. Of course it feels no pain at all. It’s all peaceful and pleasing!

Enjoy some sweet trance

This trance is a very light one though. You can’t compare it to other induced trances used by hypnosis or other therapies.

This soft trance is intended for you to focus and enjoy your body. So sensuality, skin perception, body to body warmth, tenderness and some spicy grips will do the rest.

This is a very interesting experience you should live up at least once in your life.

Relaxing prices

I can offer you two different time lengths for the Relaxing Massage. Since I’ve been asked for one hour sessions and sometimes some shorter sessions. Because businessmen in a hurry value deep relaxation in a short time.

45 minutes

€ 90

So the price is proportional to the most requested 60 minutes massage.

60 minutes

€ 120

Because longer time allows and needs many more grips, more sensual experiences and a deeper relaxation and calm. It is your choice!

Of course you can also chose to finish with the releasing massage or lingam massage or not.

Call me now if you have any doubts!

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See you soon in Barcelona!

Or in Madrid! Or in Dénia, or Ibiza!

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