Real man masseur

Real man masseur

Real man masseur

“Real man masseur wanted” is the message this customer sent to my e-mail. I sometimes wonder why men are asking such specific questions. The answer is obvious though.

“I didn’t want to risk it again. Last time i hired a masseur his pictures were sexy and all that. But he was a sissy. And I prefer masculine guys! Not just a hairy masseur: a real man attitude”.

You are the one choosing. Absolutely! Because it is your massage and you are the one paying for it. So why wouldn’t you be able to make your own decisions. On top of all that, erotic massage is for your enjoyment!

“This in-house massage service in my hotel is not letting me choose the masseur. I want to be free to choose my type!”

Real man masseur in Barcelona

There are many gay masseurs in Barcelona. Ok, I don’t know them all personally. I have checked some of them as a customer though. And I have been surprised oftentimes. The hairy and buff guy you see on the pictures is not that buff anymore, not hat hairy anymore. One of them ha this sheepish and fake smile when you meet him.

“In my city this happens a lot. Once a masseur told me he had a cancer. That’s why he allegedly was looking different on his pictures. I didn’t buy it”.

“I value recent pictures. Many guys are still using their Jurassic pictures from the 90’s”.

Well you can check all my pictures on this blog and also on my websites. I have a specific page with the photo sessions I’ve been taking since 2012. The pictures I’m using on my recent posts are also recent.

I usually hire photo sessions to illustrate specific posts, as the one on teddy bear massage.

Real man masseur and gay

Many guys ask me if I’m really gay. Well I guess I can say so. I prefer men for my intimate relationships. Because I fall in love with men most of he times.

I know what a man likes on the massage table and in bed. And also in life.

Strong real man masseur

“You are so strong”.

“You make me feel protected”.

“I like to watch your hairy chest”.

“You are masculine and big”.

These are some comments I got this past week. I know these aren’t relevant assets for many customers. But for these men who visited they really were. And they left happy and satisfied. That’s what they wanted.

“I don’t mind paying a bit more if the guy serving me is my type. The way I see it your profile is a part of your service”.

Natural real man masseur

So they tag me as a “gay bear masseur”. Tall, strong, hairy and sporting a beard. I’m not on the lean side these days. I practice muscular training on a daily basis. But I don’t take any kinds of pills or hormones. All you can see on me is natural.

“You don’t have tattoos. I like that”.

“How come you are uncut?”

Well in Europe not everybody is circumcised. Because it is more an aesthetic choice. While in many countries circumcision is a religious matter or a tradition. It is not in Europe.

I like it all to be natural. And I know many men from the United States have a fetish for uncut masseurs.

“I know your dick is not going to massage me. But I like what I see”.

Book your real man masseur

Booking a massage with me is as easy as calling me on the phone or sending an SMS:

Paco: +34676648226

SMS: +34676648226

I will be happy to answer whatever questions you have about my massage service!

And pelase go on exploring more about me on

See you soon in Barcelona!

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