Quality aware customers

Quality aware customers

Quality aware customers are frequent. More than you might think of! And they make a lot of questions before ever hiring or “setting in stone” their booking. On top of this, these are the most loyal customers, and the most grateful.

“It is hard to find real good masseurs. I mean excellent masseurs. And this is just what I am paying for”.

What is quality massage

More and more men around the world are comparing quality and not just prices. Since it is difficult to define quality even for a product. So how can you say a massage deserve the adjective “quality”?

These are the aspects you should check:

  • Technical massage quality itself
  • Professional experience
  • The masseur’s attitude and politeness
  • The service, from booking to “see you soon”
  • Masseur’s hygiene

When it comes to erotic bodywork some other factors apply as well:

  • Real, recent and genuine masseur pictures
  • Talent for eroticism
  • Sensual yet honest attitude
  • Service promise and service real performance
  • How the masseur’s look matches your preferences

Sometimes it is good to check the testimonials. They are very useful for many men who need to imagine how the whole experience feels.

How quality aware customers act

It is really easy to compare prices. Everybody can do this in no time. You can check prices sitting in a Starbucks, using a taxi’s wi-fi on your smartphone. Though you first need to decide if you are looking for a price or for a service. It’s different! And sometimes both facts are even excluding each other.

So you have two options to find a balanced massage price.

If what you are looking for is a price matching your budget you will have a hard time —twice. First by finding it, and twice by not being able to enjoy what you’ll be offered.

Can you see yourself entering a bad smelling apartment? And lying down on a humid bed with stinky sheets?

I get many calls like this:

“Hi, do you have a 40 € massage?”

Those are not the quality aware customers. If we happen to talk more than one minute I usually tell them that masturbating is much cheaper. And you can masturbate wherever you want whenever you please. No hassle to set up a meeting either!

The second option is looking for quality and then check the prices. In  other words, set your requests first and then look for who can match them. This way you can feel safer. You’ll know you are in good hands. For whatever service or product you are looking for.

Quality aware customers asking

My customers, namely the quality aware ones, make other kinds of questions. Like this:

“Hi, is prostate massage included? Do you also offer outcall massage?”

These quality customers know exactly what they want. And they do ask and check if what they are looking for is matching my service.

Quality aware customers are polite. And if they really choose you, they will make the right questions.

Massage and quality aware customers

Massage is a sign of culture, of refinement and education. Although massage is a more and more spread service! There are no massage minorities anymore. Because more and more men of all social levels and economy ranges are using it.

This is the proof that massage is useful, convenient and worth the price.

Book your quality massage!

It is as easy as calling me. Please ask me whatever you need to know!

Paco: +34676648226

You are also welcomed to dive deeper into my personal world of erotic tantric massage for gay men on www.male-masseur.com

See you soon!

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