The new clues to distinguish Product vs service

Product vs service

The new clues to distinguish Product vs service

Product vs service: are we sometimes not aware about the difference? Do we always know if we are paying for a product or for a service?

Is it the same?

Customers sometimes address to me as if I’m selling a product. Some stuff you can buy for dozens or hundreds. Some stuff you can deal the price. Like a product.

So what are the differences between a product and a service?

This is a good moment to remind the fact that erotic massage or tantric massage are some very special services. Something so intimate and so personal!

Product vs service

Just by making the question we know the answer though. A product is usually an object. Sometimes though big companies refer to their services as a product, like banks and car rentals. But most of the times we refer to products when we speak about objects.

Since I’m a gay masseur I’m speaking about my job here. My job is a hand-crafted one. I use my hands —and my body— to perform it. And I can only give one massage at a time. So I can only serve one person at a time.

There is no way for me to bottle massages. It would be convenient to keep them and sell them later on though.

Perhaps it sounds too obvious. Though I’m writing this because many guys address to me as if I’m selling some bottled stuff—by dozens or bulk.

“Can we do ten massages for the price of five?”

I’m especially open to customers I’ve already served. Let’s know each other first and see how’s our chemistry. I always do my best to build the most exciting chemistry though! This is my job!

Take it or use it

This is another relevant difference between a product and a service. Once you buy a product you take it home. You use it whenever you want. You can re-sell it or give it if you wish.

A service instead involves a duration or the achievement of a goal. There is a moment when the service is over.

They have been just a few of them, but some customers saw my massage service in this very interesting way:

“Is there a catalog of masseurs? I want him Caucasian, tall, strong, no tattoos and with green eyes. Your eyes are brown? Sorry, not interested”.

Product vs service idea

My gay tantric massage can also be seen as a service idea. You can sell the idea as the concept of what makes this massage different from all others. So you can see the idea as a product if you wish. But massage requires performance. And the performance itself is clearly a service.

Service means there is a person working for you. So a human being, in other words.

“Could you perform twice as many massage a day?”

This was the question one customer asked me recently. That’s what made me think not only about quality but also the concept of service.

The human limits

There is almost no limit for selling items. But a service is limited to the quality standards you wish to offer. And of course to human limitations.

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