Same massage prices 2017

Same massage prices 2017

Prices 2017 are the same like my gay massage fares back in 2010.

Because I did not change them in any sense. Rather on the opposite, the value has been increasing constantly. Many customers tell me this:

“You should be charging more for your job. Because you are amazing in all aspects!”

What I’ve done instead is thinking how to increase the amount of options. I’ve also had in mind those guys who were requesting lower prices. Following their demand, I created some low cost massage menus: the affordable gay massages. I came to tag them with “Express massage”.

You can check them on massage prices.

Prices 2017: even higher value!

Serving my customers better and better is something I’m always thinking about. I constantly listen to what each and every man tells me. From sexual needs to emotional balance. From features to fetish massage. Also from service options to prices.

Because I think that having the ability to listen is the cornerstone to offer the best service.

Keeping the same massage prices

This is hard though. Because we all know how everything gets constantly more and more expensive. Phone bills, rent bills, taxes, massage oils and creams. The costs for advertising and promotion have also been duplicating in the last 5 years.

Same prices, higher quality

The economic crisis in Spain has had consequences for everybody. The number of free-lance masseurs has seen a brutal increase. For instance non-trained guys, impostors, under-cover escorts and the alike.

As a result, the contrast in the service quality has taken amazing proportions.

“I had one of those 80 € massages. Damn that’s been some evil trick! Such a waste in all senses. I’m glad I had the chance —and the money— to compare it with your service”.

Once you find a difference in a price, there must be a difference in the quality. It’s about common sense!

After seven years keeping the same prices you can now enjoy a big benefit. The difference in value is more than 50 % less the price.

Because I could be charging 50 % more than back in 2010.

Not forever!

At some point I will have no other option than raising these prices though. So don’t take the current prices for granted! Not forever!

So call me if you need to talk to me. Or send me an SMS.

Paco: +34676648226

Go on exploring gay massage by checking all the contents on

See you soon in Barcelona!

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