Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is not frequent but very annoying. Because for some guys it sometimes it gets in the way. Precisely when you want to enjoy some longer sex sessions with your buddies. Unfortunately it’s spoiling your fun!

Did you ever try these 5 tricks to control your ejaculation? Enjoy them with us in Barcelona. Treat yourself to our blissful and lasting gay Tantra massage!

What is premature ejaculation

We all know what it means. It is about climaxing too soon. Some men climax after just a couple of strokes on their penis. While this is not a problem when you are masturbating alone. But when you try to enjoy a longer time with your significant half, your partner might feel frustrated. And you too!

Finishing too soon exactly when you are having so much fun can be annoying!

So the problem of premature ejaculation is the lack of control you have over it. It just happens against your will.

Not all of men are suffering under its frustrating effects though. Sometimes it just happens when your sexual excitement is too high.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation

Psychologists claim there are emotional reasons that trigger this. Reasons can be found in the childhood and also in adult life.

Traditional urologists claim it is a dysfunction which has just medical reasons.

More and more therapists from different disciplines are saying these days that the causes are a combination of physical and emotional reasons though. Which sounds much more reasonable to me.

The good news is you can control it!

Controlling ejaculation

During my professional experience since 2002 I have had the chance to see many men suffering from premature ejaculation.

And there i a bunch of tricks to control premature ejaculation. These tricks have been working on most of my customers. Of course, the more times I can serve you the better I will be able to know you intimately. This way I can foresee your reactions.


Setting up the right ambiance is a key factor. The more isolated the room, the more dimmed light the more relaxing it will all feel for you. Soft and slow music is also relevant. It is important to keep stress to of the room. And all the daily troubles. This is something an erotic masseur can set up for you in a heartbeat.

You can do it yourself too, though!


Tantra massage techniques are well known for teaching techniques to have control over your breathing. Again we are speaking about pace, calm and control. Your body will follow the pace you set using your breathing. Just follow my instructions and let go.

Sphincter control

Whenever you feel you are getting “too cose” it is time to concentrate on your sphincter. Force it to close tight, so blood pressure will switch from penis to anus.

Sometimes sexual excitement is gone this way, but with your erotic masseur you’ll have it back very soon!

Some guys have like a small ejaculation. But ejaculation without orgasm can lead to another orgasm with full ejaculation.

Time pressure

Premature ejaculation is oftentimes caused by time pressure. We all have had some forbidden and hidden sex encounters that need to be done in the shortest time possible. This might distort your natural sensuality into a habit of climaxing too soon.

Your gay erotic masseur will help you to enjoy a much longer session time. Follow me into a deep experience and dive into yourself and ourselves. In my arms you will enjoy sexual excitement for a much longer time.


Positions can also have a fetish component. It is relevant to avoid those sexy positions that turn you on too much. So we can explore other positions, other movements.

I take my job seriously. Erotic gay massage is oftentimes a game for pleasure and fun. But some other times it has an aura of therapy, and I adapt to any of these keys.

I am very responsible and always take the session time request seriously. So if you want a 90 minutes massage or even a two hours session this is the time you’ll be enjoying my sexy therapy. You won’t climax too soon. And you can also climax several times.

Many other gay masseurs try to get you to climax as soon as possible. That’s not me!

Nor any member of our gay massage directory. Because we all share the same professional goals.

Any other questions? Please contact me. I will be very happy to answer and serve you!

Just call Paco: contact here.

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See you in Barcelona! At the perfect timing and never too soon 😉

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