Why is this the most popular gay massage

Popular gay massage

Why is this the most popular gay massage

The most popular gay massage in Barcelona is Paco’s interactive Tantric massage. This is the answer to many clients, since they are ferquently asking me this:

Which is the most popular gay massage from all the range of erotic massages you are offering?”

So I decided to write about this subject and offer you the answer.

I guess many guys need to know because it’s sometimes difficult to choose among all the options I am offering. So they rely on other guys’ decisions. Even though your preference is not always what the majority of other guys like!

To have your satisfaction I always choose to be honest. Of course a conversation previous to the massage session is always the best way to ensure it!

Popular gay massage

Well the answer is as easy as this:

The 90 minutes interactive Tantric massage“.

Because this is the most erotic massage you’ll ever have. Let me please point out that it is erotic massage and not sex.

So this naked massage is the most popular gay massage!

Since that’s what more than 85% of my customers are requesting from my massage services. And the following are some of the many reasons!

  • “It’s the only package that allows me to touch you back”.
  • “You say you also have an erection, and this feels very tempting to me!”
  • “One hour falls too short. I need a longer time, and I guess one hour and a half is the ideal time!”
  • “I heard that Tantric massage is about communication, so touching you back feels like the right thing to do”.

You can also check other testimonials about other aspects of my gay massage!

In-call popular gay massage

Massage studios in Barcelona are not allowed to offer naked services. Since being naked is the limit to classify this service as a sensual one. So none of the massage studios in Barcelona aren’t offering this option. An inspection could bring lots of trouble! Only brothels have a license to serve customers in total nudity.

I fact I am risking it every time a customer orders a naked massage in my studio. I know you have the needed common sense to understand it.

Despite all of these risks the naked massage is also the most requested and popular gay massage I’m performing in my gay massage studio. It is equally requested by local customers and international customers from around the world.

“Hell, just a couple bucks more make this big difference! I don’t want to miss anything once I’m in your hands!”

Out-call popular gay massage

Naked massage is the most chosen option also for my out-call massage service. I will take off y pants and also my underwear. You are free to undress me or watch me undressing for you in your own hotel room. This is a very private and a very sexy experience!

We can also have a shower together. This is what I call “erotic shower“.

I’m going to be naked. So I want you to be naked as well. Let’s both get naked!”

Contact me and schedule your session now! Yes, this makes the massage a really sexy experience. Once I’m naked you are also allowed to touch me. This is uncommon in massage, but since we are taking it to the most daring level, it’s fine with me!

Are you also enjoying it?”

Limits of massage and sex

I am usually asked about the limits of massage. As the word says, massage is a bodywork we do using the hands. Erotic massage is hot, sensual and sensually exciting. I am using many more body parts than just my hands. I am using my forearms, my chest and even my shoulders.

“How can you use your shoulder for massage? Will you be carrying me on top of you?”

Well I understand you are curious about it. Just have this massage with me and you’ll learn how!

By the way, did you know you can choose among many exclusive masseurs, besides myself?

But the red lights turn on with lollypop. Since I am so requested to include lollypop in my naked massage i recently added a new package: the Tantra Fusion massage. I am so certain you’ll love it!

If you are looking for gay sex though you’ll have to check Jorge, Benito’s or Dani’s services. These services include not just lollypop but much more. Both ways!

Any questions?

Please call me. I will be really happy to answer your doubts. And I will even happier if I have the chance to serve you!

Need to see more pictures?

See you soon in Barcelona!

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