Plane mode

Plane mode

“Plane mode” setting is also useful for a massage session! Because you don’t want nobody to interrupt your pleasure.

As you know, one of the benefits of erotic Tantra massage is helping you forget troubles. So build this firewall and block everything out of this moment.

You really need some enjoyment and some isolation. Finally!

Plane mode

This expression has evolved. From its initial meaning of turning off a smart-phone when boarding an aircraft. Now it is also a metaphor that signals you need some isolation off the world.

“I am on plane mode now. I told everybody I am totally out of reach. This is some time just for me”.

This guys did id literally. I set his smartphone on plane mode and forgot about everything.

“I really disconnected from all my troubles. And you helped me with this amazing massage. Now I feel absolutely released from tensions and worries. From this moment on I’m taking my life in a very different way. I am my own first priority”.

Plane mode massage

Sometimes customers are suffering such a stress that they even forget about switching off their phones. When the phone suddenly rings during our massage session it becomes the total turn off.

All the sexual excitement breaks in a millisecond. Of course we soon get back on the same track though!

Of course avoiding these kinds of interruptions is always better than suffering them.

Please remember to switch off your phone. Putting it on silent is also a good option. And turn off vibrate as well.

Customers avoiding plane mode

I once had a customer who needed to have his smartphone right in hands-reach. He was expecting a extremely important phone call. No problem!

“Hi sweetheart! Aw, so mummy just passed? Sure, I’m finishing this meeting and I’ll be in the Hospital in a heartbeat”.

I expected him to get up, but he did not. He just said:

“Now I can turn it off! Go on with the massage please!”

There are always very important phone calls that need the customers’ full attention. I never force nor forbid anyone to answer though.

There are many other anecdotes of calls that my customers have answered. Yes, right in the middle of our gay massage session! Some of them are really fun!

Plane mode and respect

I don’t take it as a disrespect to my job. My customers are all adults. So they take their own decisions and they know what is priority or not.

Many of them have double lives and need to be reached by everybody. From the wife to the boss. From the boyfriend to a business colleague.

In my opinion it is the customer who suffers his own disrespect. He is paying for a very specific service. Gay erotic massage is a blissful bodywork. And we don’t enjoy it very often.

Many of its advantages are the result of isolation, breaking the routine and also exploring the inner landscapes. Intimacy, sweetness and an oasis in senses are only possible with this little disconnection from the world.

You are the one choosing the session time: from 45 minutes massages to 2 hours naked massages.

It is your own will to escape from mundane worries and stress.

Plane mode on

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