Plan B massage

Plan B massage

Plan B massage is when previous options don’t seem to work. A date who did not show up. A rainy day instead a Summer day for the beach. And many other examples!

Because things can be wrong! Call it Murphy’s law!

Recently a customer told me this:

“You are my plan B. But I’m really happy that destiny took me to your studio! Because this guy stood me up. I was so horny I searched for erotic massage and I found you! So you deserve to be plan A next time!”

Plan B massage

You should always have a plan B. For everything.

  • Planning to spend a day on the beach. Suddenly raining?
  • Visit to a “must” museum in Barcelona. Museum’s day off? Too long waiting lines?
  • Famous restaurant. Overbooked?
  • A date with a local guy. No show?
  • Sagrada Familia: dis-encouraging long lines around the block!

This is when you suddenly have 2 or three hours free again. So it’s exactly the time to react quickly.

Be smart and use the time! Because the opposite means wasting it.

Destiny: plan B massage

Sometimes plans B aren’t really plans, but coincidences though. Or call it destiny if you wish.

“If I had not met you I wouldn’t know about this amazing restaurant. Since I don’t know any local guy here I did not talk to nobody”.

This can also happen! I have already been “plan B” for many guys, so this is why I can talk about this.

After the massage we usually have a conversation. As short as you need though! Because I don’t want to keep you from your other plans. And my job is massage!

Sometimes men ask me about Theater shows, Restaurants, gay bars and the alike.

You guessed it! Locals know places that are not advertised in guides.

Though I’m not frequenting gay bars nor saunas, I might have some favourite personal spots.

Plan B massage: new discovering

Some guys tell me they were looking for plain therapy massage. This website came up instead! Along all those other results.

“Your tantric massage felt intriguing to me. This is what I changed my plans. And this has been an amazing discovery!”

Sometimes you discover new things by coincidence.

“I never thought about having an erotic massage. So now I know what it is. Maybe I won’t tell anybody about this, but I am really happy I had it!”

“I never thought a tantric massage could be this hot!”

They say traveling opens new horizons. It also can open new doors to new experiences!

“My hometown is not the place to have a gay massage. I’m happy I had the chance to have it here in Barcelona”

Plan B massage: break-up!

Erotic massage is an option for many men after a break-up. Erotic massage does not equal sex. So it is a very handy alternative if you are not ready for casual sex or sex in a sauna.

“My partner and I have had a relationship full of drama. These days in Barcelona have been no exception. Though the last drop. To cut the long story short, I just need to forget him and move on. I am so glad I found you! Because right now your service is really convenient in more than one way! I needed sexual release, but also some emotional balance“.

It’s always best if you call me first and we have a short conversation though.

Plan B massage: risk zero!

To many men health is extremely relevant. Dark rooms, saunas and cruising are obviously risky in many aspects.

“I want no risk. Safety is my priority. Though I can’t give up sexual pleasure. So I guess your gay massage is an excellent option! And much hotter than I expected, truth to be said!”

Contact me. It’s extremely easy!

Paco: +34676648226 

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You can also check Matt and Fred if you need more than erotic massage!

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