Pillow talk massage

Pillow talk massage

Pillow talk massage

Pillow talk massage is the sweet moment after finishing your intimate bodywork.

“After climaxing I like this very sweet moments. Talking to you in whispers was as sexy and as intimate as the rest of the massage, really passionate and intense”.

Some other customers told me:

“Your massage is not just that. It’s a kind of lovemaking. No sex but all special moment of male bonding in bed. I love it!”

Pillow talk massage

This is what we call “pillow talk”. What couples do in bed after having sex. You get back to the regular heart-beat rate. Then you recover and breathe in satisfaction. You need this sweet chit chat.

Gay pillow talk

We are used to see this scenes in Hollywood movies. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after their wild lovemaking. Gay men also talk after making love. So why not talking a while after enjoying a great massage?

“Your body to body massage is so hot that after climaxing I needed to look deep inside your eyes. Paco’s bed-room eyes. And watching your smile”.

There are too many men who are living in a constant stress. They don’t allow themselves not even this short time of just being there and talking about whatever stuff.

Gay men can be very sweet and sensitive. So I always adapt to what I can sense from you.

“You give a great massage and also some great conversation!”

This treasured moment

These moments can ruin or save the whole massage experience.

“My lover always tells me what he liked most during our lovemaking. How did you know I treasure this moment?”

Sometimes I can sense it just by watching your look. If you have this sweet look and lay down on your side I feel like invited to lay next to you. That’s when all sorts of subjects might show up. Of course I can adapt to your preferences!

Pillow talk in your Hotel

Late night massages also have this special thing. Whenever I don’t have a next appointment I can spend this extra time with you. Some guys tell me about their jobs, their partners, their wives or their hobbies. Because it’s nice and sometimes surprising discovering all this personal information.

Order your special massage

Finally, how can you book us? It is as easy as a phone call, an SMS or a whatsApp message and you’ll be talking directly to me. Please feel free to ask for any of the masseurs in our team though!

Cell: +34676648226

SMS and whatsApp: +34676648226

And of course you can go on exploring my website: gay massage in Barcelona.

Talk to you soon! On the phone or after a massage, embracing a pillow!

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