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Yamal massage Barcelona

Yamal gay masseur

Who is this young tantric masseur?

Yamal is in his 20's. Yamal has devoted the last 4 years to learn and train about the most spiritual Tantric bodywork.

He is taller than 6 feet 2, very defined, lean and sexy.

His look is sweet and deep, extremely warm and captivating, as his bodywork.

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Yamal is serving exclusively in our studio in the heart of Barcelona.

The reason is because he can easily achieve the highest concentration in our professionally set massage center. He will light candles and burn sandal sticks to create the right atmosphere for the tantric experience he wishes to offer you!

Tantric bodywork in Barcelona

Yamal masters the most blissful and sweet techniques of Tantra.

With him you will experience a revealing travel to your most inner and intimate energies.

Please book him with some advance to make sure he's available for you!

Yamal's massage prices:

Delikatessen massage

One hour is the minimum time Yamal needs to take you to this amazing trip. Though the 90 minutes session is the most ideal time length to connect with you and share the sweetest intimacy of Tantra. Yamal will work on all of your body with special focus on your skin. He is wearing some underwear and there is less body to body contact than in his next massage menu. He will not be fully naked. You are allowed to caress him except his intimate parts, which is only allowed in the naked massage.

60 minutes: 120 €

90 minutes: 180 €

Prostate massage

Explore your Chakra #1, the most blissful of all Tantric techniques! Yamal will explore all of your body with special focus on anal area. This is also a receiving massage.

60 minutes: 150 €

90 minutes: 225 €

Extremely erotic naked massage

If intimate interaction and full body reciprocal caresses is what you wish, we recommend this experience. You'll reach the highest erotic intensity with these massage experiences. Yamal will perform a close body to body massage. Enjoy Yamal fully naked. During this experience you are allowed to caress him all over his body.

60 minutes: 200 €

75 minutes: 250 €

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

Special requests

Yamal is currently refusing any personal requests beyond massage. So no oral sex and no penetration.

Please call us if you need more detailed information about Yamal.

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