Male Masseur

Who is Javier

Javier is this 22 years young masseur.

His ages tells you many things in just one number: don't expect him to be as expert as Matt or Paco.

Javier is magical and cheerful! Youth is his treasure! He is always happy and smiling!

Young smiling masseur

Javier is the perfect masseur for men of all ages. We know many men value especially the beauty of youth.

Javier is a professional masseur, he can serve you at your hotel anytime 24 hours.

Sexy young masseur

Javier is this sexy and defined young male. He is almost 6 feet tall and has no tattoos.

He is working out to have a more muscular body in the near future.

Javier can be shy the first minute, though very cheerful. And of course always discreet!

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Javier's massage prices

Javier shares all of Paco's massage prices. Please call us if you need some additional information.

Javier speaks English and Spanish. Not so fluent in English but he is such a sweetheart!

Relaxing Massage

120 €

Prostate Massage

150 €

Naked Massage

200 €

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