Male Masseur

Special massage features

Matt, Jack and Leo are offering some extras —just for you! Please contact us over the phone to find out all these exclusive and special features.

Massage extras

Naked massage

Matt, Angelo, Leo and Izan starting point is the erotic naked massage. This massage follows the protocol of Extremely Erotic massage descriptions


200 € 60 minutes

250 € 75 minutes

600 € 90 minutes

400 € 120 minutes

Matt is versatile

Leo is versatile

Matt and Leo can work as a top and also as a bottom! This specific information is only for special services additional to erotic massage.

In-call and out-call massage

All of us are professional masseurs, and we can serve you at your hotel or private apartment.

For in-calls we will serve you at our gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona.

It is relevant to book ahead of time though!

Massage extras

Taxi fares

We are not asking for transportation fees. If you feel your location is far from the city center of Barcelona please say so when making your reservation.

Please be honest

Before making your reservation please take the correct decision. Let us know what specific requests you have so we can discuss them personally on the phone.

It is extremely important you let us know what your expectations are at the time you are making your booking for Matt, Leo, Jack or Angelo.

The reason is very easy to understand: not all masseurs agree with all practices.

Questions? Suggestions?

I'll be very happy to answer any questions and suggestions you might have about Matt's special massage features.

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