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These are even more and also recent reviews I got from my customers after my gay massage. Of course you won't see any names nor dates!

Amazing Leo!

Everything about Leo is hard. Hard to describe how sexy he is, how amazingly fun and hot! He was also hard all the time, and we had a two hours session!

Discovering Angelo

I like so much his freshness. He said he just joined your team but he is very giving, polite... and extremely hot!

Not sex? Not interested!

Somehow I bumped into your website. I sent you an e-mail asking for the advantages of your massage service over sex. Smart answers, I admit. So I gave you a try. Now I am very proud to have tested your massage. Unbelievable and amazing!

Fred is finally back!

Every time I landed in Barcelona I used to hire Fred. Since he left I really felt a gap in your services. Because no other guy could fulfill my desires like he used to. Fred is a unique Brazilian pearl, so I'm extremely happy he's finally back!

Matt for takeaway

Please give me a bag because I'm taking him home! It's a joke, but I'd really buy him.

Better than a lover

For some years I used to have a lover stashed away from my wife. It was damn expensive to keep him! Dinner downtown, long weekend getaways, jewels —now he'd be asking for Apple's last gadget. Thank God I discovered your massage services! I not only enjoy you whenever I need but I also make the most out of my money.

Premium massage

Matt is the most expensive masseur I ever met. I don't know who told you to charge these prices but they're damn fair. Some special things in life are understandable only after being introduced to them.

More enjoyable than regular sex

Sex is one of my most important priorities in life. I can't live without it. The way I enjoy the sessions with Paco is even more delightful, complete and satisfying than regular or domestic stuff. I hate how it is portrayed on those movies. I like the company instead, the connecting mutual touch. And the long edging you engaged me in.

Bisexual side of life

I love my wife. I just can't imagine my life without her. And I can't imagine my life without having you in it. You give me the perfect balance. You help me having everything under control. Sexual life, intimate conversations. You are able to understand let alone to keep my most secret secrets.

More than just massage...

There are many masseurs out there. You'll be able to find zillions of them. And yes I have had hundreds of massages in the last years. You make an unbelievable difference in all departments. From massage itself to the most personal and intimate male bonding!

My "bromance"

That's how they call it these days in the States. It's damn difficult to find the perfect candidate. Well I know the difference between you and a bromance, but you come as close as it gets for a masseur. Thank you for being there!

Better off with you!

My boyfriend is constantly asking for fancy and expensive stuff. Not to have sex afterwards! I guess I'm better off with you!

Generous and talented

You are a generous guy. You don't seem to hold back many things. You get out of your way to adapt to me. After having all your help I was afraid you'd be a lame masseur. I found out generosity comes with talent!

There's more to sex

Thanks to your so very special massage I discovered there's much more to sex. The kind of male on male connection I achieved with you has helped me to discover more shades. Intimacy is a fascinating world that only magic hands and magic talents are able to create.

The special Barcelona

My friends encouraged me to visit Barcelona instead of Madrid. Now I understand the many special surprises Barcelona has to offer, in so many different departments!

Honest massage service

You deliver exactly what you promise. Excellent massage, punctuality, professional treat. And you are the real guy on the pictures. This is still rare on 2015!

Best gay massage website... in the world!

I have been unable to find a more appealing, elegant and straightforward website about gay massage in the world. And you guys serve what you advertise. Way to go! My compliments!

Best value massage

It takes one full working day for me to earn the value of your best massage. But I am remembering the spicy details now for months!


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