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Massage descriptions

Describing a massage is like trying to describe a movie or a piece of music. The best way to understand it is experiencing it. Though let's give it a try!

Sensual stimulation

It is about a sensual and erotic stimulation of many body parts: feet, legs, buttocks, kidney areas, lower back, back, stomach, testicles, penis, nipples, ears... you name it. You might discover new G-spots on your body.

Intimate skin connection

During this erotic Tantra massage I will work all of your body: from head to toes.

I also perform body to body massage, it is a very hot and intimate experience.

I use my hands, my forearms, my chest, shoulder, legs, feet and belly. The most erotic massage menu includes me being totally naked and allowing you to touch me as well.

Lingam sexual massage

All of my massage menus include "lingam-massage" —meaning penis massage— using several extremely hot and sexy grips with my hands —and sometimes also with my body. I am using the most elaborate and exclusive tantric techniques!

Prostate massage

The anal area is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. We have thousands of nervous terminations here. The anus, the sphincter and the prostate are capable of an amazing pleasure. Stimulating these areas is a very special aspect I can also include in my sensual massages.

As many gay men know, tantric massage is not only about release control, but also about establishing a connection between our most intimate Chakras with the power of Earth and the Universe.

Release control

Tantra is about controlling your release, so you will be "edging" for quite a while. This will add to your experience a very unusual, powerful, long, hot, release with some extraordinary abundant ejaculation. Extremely fulfilling for both body and mind!

Releasing twice

You can enjoy two or more releases in the massage sessions longer than 75 minutes.

Naked man to man

I'll be naked and you can touch me all of my naked massage menus, namely the extremely erotic ones.

Quality bodywork

My massage is NOT a plain hand-job but a very elaborate full-body work.

The goal is your satisfaction

After this massage you will feel deeply relaxed, renewed, re-fueled, released and satisfied. During the next days after this massage many men experience a very intense and uncommon desire for intimacy—and sex.

No misunderstandings

Erotic massage is not equal to sex. Matt, Fred and Demetrios are able to go some extra miles further though.

See all the massage extras they can offer you.

Sports massage? Is it sex?

Erotic tantric massage is not equal to sports massage nor deep-tissue massage.

If you have any questions please call me!

I can also offer you therapy massages, but it is relevant you ask me first.

Erotic massage for gay men is much more than masturbation. There IS a professional bodywork with a very solid massage foundation.

Because erotic massage is an experience for your sensual and/or sexual enjoyment!

Adapting to you:
in-call and out-call

I am a professional and legal masseur, so I can serve you at my studio in Carrer Diputació.

Also available to serve you at your hotel or private apartment.

I'll be very happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact me and we'll speak.

Honestly, openly: man to man.

Male masseur in Barcelona Gay masseur in Barcelona

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