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Leo gay masseur

Who is this sexy gay masseur?

Leo is in his late 20's. He is one of the few guys who recently made it to the final Mister Barcelona contest.

He is more than 5 feet tall, defined, lean and sexy.

Leo is passionate and sometimes a bit too hot in his bodywork. His style can be as kinky and rogue as you wish!

See his picture down this screen!

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Gay massage for outcall

Though Leo is also using our gay massage studio in Barcelona, he can be much faster at your hotel if you need him right now.

Gay massage in Bilbao

Leo is sometimes in Bilbao. We have many requests in this amazing city. Now he is also available for your most blissful experience.

Kinky masseur for out-call in Barcelona and Sitges

Leo is so frisky he sometimes can't stop himself from being more than just sensual.

Leo can serve you almost 24 hours.

Please make sure to book him with a couple hours in advance. You don't want other guys booking him before you do!

Leo's massage prices:

Prostate massage

Leo is offering his very special Medium Erotic prostate massage. He will work on all of your body with special focus on anal area. He is wearing some underwear and there is less body to body contact than in his next massage menu. He will not be fully naked. You are not allowed to caress him.

60 minutes: 150 €

90 minutes: 225 €

Extremely erotic naked massage

You'll reach the highest erotic temperature with these massage menus. Leo will perform a very intimate body to body massage. Enjoy him fully naked. You are allowed to caress him all over his body.

60 minutes: 200 €

75 minutes: 250 €

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

Special requests

Leo is very open to personal requests. It is important to discuss it all previously on the phone though.

Please call us if you need information in more detail.

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Leo gay massage Barcelona