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Gay massage Barcelona Gay masseur in Barcelona
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Gay massage Barcelona

More gay masseurs in Barcelona

Many different physical and talent profiles for you to choose from!

Gay massage Studio Barcelona

Welcome to our discrete, private, elegant and clean studio in the city center!

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Who is Paco

Meet the most expert bear-masseur in his studio. Or in your hotel with free transport!

Paco is leading the best quality gay massage team!

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Other gay massage locations

Are you in Sitges? Or in Ibiza?

Or maybe in Madrid or Benidorm?

Check all the locations we are serving!


Accepting Credit Cards

Please mention Credit Card payment
if you need it —Barcelona and Sitges only.

Major Credit Cards accepted!



Hotel Massage

Super convenient! Save time and taxis!

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Massage Prices

Fairest quality/price balance: the hottest sensual massage with the best quality and best price!

45 minutes to 120 minutes massage


Massage for couples

Choose the different options: one masseur to share? Two masseurs?

Gay couple massage


Massage Description

What is our erotic gay massage about?

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Therapy Massage

Tension on back and shoulders? Want to try the special face and head massage?

Choose your therapy!


Boyfriend experience

Enjoy a full-time boyfriend during your stay in Barcelona with Leo, Fred or Tom.

Sometimes massage is not enough!


Easiest massage booking

Last minute calls available!

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Naked gay massage

Enjoy your masseur the natural way!

What makes naked massage so special?


Gay massage Barcelona

Make a new and special discovering now you are in Barcelona!

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What is erotic Tantra massage

All the concepts you need to know about this special and intimate bodywork!

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Amazing massage Reviews

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My personal blog about gay massage

Massage is my passion! My experiences on the most private bodywork.

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Social Media

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Gay massage video

Watch the video introducing Paco and Tyson's gay massage service in Barcelona!




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