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Some men think massage is not enough. They need to live up a much more elaborate, a much intimate and longer experience.

Something as intimate as sex. Or something as deep as love.

Meet your new boyfriend!

All those who think massage is tacky —or not enough, plain simple— now have the option of having everything they need.

Call us to find out!

Remember having a true boyfriend?

Ok, just for a couple days. With Leo, Jack or Matt you'll know how it feels to have the most gorgeous, sexy and passionate boyfriend!

The only risk is falling in love!

Barcelona Gay boyfriend experience

Check it now and see if this matches your dreams.

You are just minutes away to start some amazingly romantic and passionate days in Barcelona!

You need our true boyfriend experience

Please call us to discuss it personally.

Male Masseurs available for boyfriend experience:

Matt Leo


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Paco is publishing interesting content every week. He writes about this very intimate massage style: blog about gay massage.


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We are the best team of professional male masseurs.

We are the sexiest male masseurs in many styles: from twink to young daddy, from Caucasian to black male. From shy to XXXL endowed.

From Smooth to hairy, with and without tattoos.

The most honest and reliable masseurs.

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The most expert: Matt and Paco.

Feel free choose your therapist according to your personal preferences. Though please be aware about this:

Differences among masseurs

Male masseur in Barcelona Gay masseur in Barcelona