Male Masseur

Gay couple massage

We are serving more and more gay couples.

Partners who wish to explore new horizons of sensuality.

Explore your complicity, your limits or engage in some three-some massage therapy!

You can choose whether sharing one masseur or having one for each of you!

Couples erotic massage

If you are a couple you have to options: sharing one masseur for both at the same time, or ordering one masseur for each.

For couples we are offering our hottest massage, the Naked Extremely Erotic massage, the sexiest gay massage experience —ever!

One masseur for two receivers

One masseur 60 minutes: 300 €

One masseur 90 minutes: 450 €

Two masseurs for two receivers

Two masseurs 60 minutes: 400 €

Two masseurs 90 minutes: 600 €

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If you need to discuss the massage protocol or simply need more detailed information please call us!

I mean place a phone call. Because whatsApp conversations are endless. You bet I'm already writing rivers of ink every day. So please give me a phone call.

Male masseur in Barcelona Gay masseur in Barcelona

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