Perfect massage execution

Perfect massage execution

Perfect massage execution needs not only learning but also experience. Many young masseurs fresh out of the massage school have a perfect execution.

Though there’s much more to massage if you want to have an enjoyable experience!

Perfect massage execution

Each and every customer —or receiver— expects a perfect massage. Masseurs should not rely only on their sexy body or their smile.

Though what are the aspects to focus so you can say you had a perfect massage?

You’ll see it is not only about massage. Because the experience starts even before you place your hands on the customer.

Before the perfect massage execution

The first impression is the one that lasts. But the second, the third and all the following are also relevant to me!

  • Welcoming the customer
  • Giving the relevant information
  • Room temperature, perfume, lighting, music and atmosphere
  • The massage surface

All this is before you even start the massage itself! Because a huge amount of stimulations are already working on the receiver’s perception.

Tips for the perfect massage execution

Since we are working on a human, there are many other perceptions we need to have in mind.

  • Hands temperature
  • Perfect nails
  • Breathing pace
  • Voice tone
  • Contact: the first touch

All these stimulations will set the tone of the session. Believe it or not! A stressed starting will end up in a stressful finishing unless you have control and awareness to conduct it properly.

Perfect massage execution itself

Depending on what the receiver’s requests are you will have to adapt. Deeper pressure, softer caressing? What’s the pace? Sensual, erotic, kinky?

All this result in the choice of techniques you are going to use:

  • Fingers
  • Hypothenar
  • Fore-arms
  • Elbows

All this masseur’s body parts can be used in many different ways.

Though the strokes direction, speed and length have also an amazing influence on the massage experience.

Eroticism with perfect massage execution

“I didn’t expect such an amazing execution in all aspects. You know sensual massages are seen like single-handed masturbations, but you really have a style! There is so much more in many departments. You are able to create an amazing chemistry out of the blue!”

Oftentimes erotic massages are seen under the lens of low expectations. Over-riding them is another reason why I have such an amazingly high rate of recurring customers.

While therapy massage leans on some perfect and trained protocols, erotic massage is a much more complex universe. Because all the receiver’s personal and emotional preferences blend in as well!

“I don’t call it intuition. I call this experience!”

So it’s not only about the execution but the soul. Please check my soulful massage post!

As a result, each and every massage session becomes unique. Because it is so personal!

You can imagine that serving men who are so different in all aspects requires a talent. Though also some experience —and of course the will!

“It shows this is your calling. You put a lot of yourself into this”:

You guessed it! Loving your job is the clue.

“You are not doing this just for the money”.

As you can see, I also like to talk to the customers who need some talk. Always after the massage time. because I never see the talking time like massage time.


Adapting to the customers’ needs is also relevant to me. Because if one aspect is important to you, it is to me as well.

Talk about the massage style and also about many other aspects.

Some guys prefer staying in their own hotel rooms. That’s cool with me! Even though I will have no say about the rooms ambiance.

While other guys prefer visiting me. This is why I have my own studio in the city center. I am also ok with traveling to hotels and private apartments.

How far can I go? I am frequently serving erotic massage in Sitges! That’s how far I can travel.


So if your expectations are the highest, you should value all these:

  • Professional massage
  • Massage ambiance
  • Masseur’s attitude
  • Your personal preferences
  • The masseur’s experience
  • Specific service options
  • Gay massage studio
  • Gay out-call massage availability

If there’s something missing please call me and let’s discuss it.

Paco: +34 676 648 226 

I can also suggest you Matt, the guy whom I’m also offering 4 hands massage for gay men.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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