The new way to Paying for sex has many advantages!

Paying for sex

The new way to Paying for sex has many advantages!

Paying for sex should always be a legitimate option, as everything in our consuming oriented economy already is. In fact it is a service many gentlemen use more often than they confess! Although there are many men who see this as self deprecating or humiliating.

Anyway, some guys who contact me say:

“I never pay for sex”.

The idea is not only saving money. It sounds to me as if the sole idea of paying could be insulting —to them. My answer is:

How important —and interesting— is sex in your life? Does it rank together with nutrition and safety? I am very certain it scores much higher than traveling. Anyway, much higher than something as trivial as toilet paper. Do you know how much you spend on toilet paper? Not to mention taxes.

Let’s go on with the issue though.

Why is there this big silence around the sex services? It helps to have in mind that sex is the third industry in the world in the amount of money it moves!

  1. Weapons
  2. Drugs
  3. Sex
  4. Nutrition

Paying for sex

Sex as a work is one of the most ancient jobs. Pay either with money or in exchange of some other benefits. But sex is a service that has a value as high as both the giver and the receiver can deal. Sometimes cheap, sometimes absurd. And all the shades in between.

We are even paying for sex while we are not aware.

“I had sex with him because I needed him to help me with a professional issue”.

In some societies women marry men to create a new family. Both original families look hard to find the right male and female candidates for the deal. Deep down this is a way to sell a human being. The trade involves economic stability though also reproduction. But it is never seen as trading, and it is deeply rooted into social behaviour. Though right in a way that makes it socially acceptable. And even prestigious!

Of course they say it’s not about sex, it’s social prestige and reproduction. Sex comes into the picture too often as a forced activity. Or with other people outside the marriage.

Paying for sex, a shame?

We brag about our dinner yesterday night in a well known restaurant. An expensive one, mind you. But we never mention when we have some sex we are paying for. Even if it was absolutely great!

The sex industry is making much more money than the restaurants! Worldwide. Now imagine the size of this iceberg.

There are countless ways to pay for sex. Most of the times we are not even aware of it. Consequently, some relationships base on complicated and sometimes unaware —let alone unspeakable— deals.

I wrote about expensive boyfriends a couple weeks ago. These are also some wicked ways to pay for sex. Sometimes the “receiver” is totally unaware he’s paying for it.

The concept of shame is a very social one. If certain people know about our private whereabouts we could feel ashamed. But not always regarding intimacy as in sex. There are many men ashamed of not earning the right amount of money, or not having the right job.

I do have many requests for very special practices. Just to include them into my massage services as “extras”. These men are aware they will have a hard time to find a casual encounter to fulfil those requests. It’s hard to find some willing to perform some very precise paraphilia. They do not even waste a minute trying to explain their preferences to countless potential sex partners. Just to be dismissed right away.

Save the embarrassement and go pro!

Pay to be free

Nowadays it is less and less a shame but a practical solution to an everyday issue. Since your job doesn’t leave you enough space for a relationship. Or you lead a specific lifestyle like traveling constantly.

“I don’t feel like being committed right now. Let me have a break from relationships. I also need to explore many other things”.

It is not a shame anymore to be single. To some men being single is actually a calling. They are really managing this stats with great success!

“I just want to ‘cut the crap’ and pay for the man I really do like. I’m saving all the drinks and all the blah-blah”.

“Choosing is the key. If what or who I like has the price I can afford, I’m in”.

Is erotic massage also sex?

This is a very controversial issue. If erotic massage was not about some sex, there probably would be less customers.

How far into sex is erotic massage actually getting?

There are as many answers as men on Earth. Sex is a concept that can range from an intentional caress to some extremely wild and dangerous paraphilia. The shades are countless.

If you ask 100 erotic masseurs you’ll get 100 different answers —if not more— about this.

I see myself as a sex worker. It is not my sensual satisfaction I am working for though. I know this is difficult to understand to many customers.

“I’d like to share all this pleasure with you”.

And I do, though my way. I am performing a service. So something useful for you. Something you need. This is why you are paying for it. You choose the place, the moment and the service. I confess I also get very excited, but the main goal is your satisfaction.

Let’s put it this way: your satisfaction is my satisfaction.

Adult awareness

How much sex is that? Well, since you are requesting a massage you expect to be receiving the treat. So it is about receiving the pleasure and the massage job I’m offering for you.

Regular paying for sex encounters —as a gay escort can offer— work in a different way. And if you call me you choose to have a massage.

Different needs, different services!

“There are days i need an escort. Something wild and no matter how quick. There are other days though I need some mindful connection. As yours”.

As adults we have the knowledge to decide and choose. Pay for sex or pay for erotic massage. You are taking the right decision because you are aware of your needs and how to best satisfy them.

Gay massage in Barcelona

Gay tantric massage is some erotic bodywork. It is about awareness, mindful massage and a very special intimate connection! It needs some training, some expertise and the honest calling for this job. Because there is also a therapy intention included. For you to feel safe, respected and understood.

Do you think testimonials about my job could be useful?

Feel free to ask whatever you need to know or send me an SMS.

I hope to see you soon!

Here you can read some examples as how one of my sessions looks like. They are written in the shape of erotic stories so it’s also entertaining. Hope to see you here as well!

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