Passionate massage is the new Tantric therapy

Passionate massage

Passionate massage is the new Tantric therapy

Passionate massage is the ultimate erotic experience. Because —if you use the right masseur— you’ll go far beyond sensuality and regular therapy massage!

Since gay men love intense experiences! As you guess, to many men, sex is not enough anymore. Though for some guys sex can also be “too much”.

Yes, as professional masseurs we can also offer some true balance!

After your passionate massage I had sex in a sauna. It felt absolutely shallow. This is why I’m calling you back. Because your bodywork is mindful and it satisfies more aspects”.

Passionate massage

Defining “passionate massage” could be difficult though. Since passion is not only very personal but something hard to describe. Let’s say you know you are having it because you feel it. The sensual excitement, the intensity of the moment will let you know.

And of course the intimate connection you feel with me is the clearest symptom!

The sensual connection with your masseur is difficult to achieve sometimes. Since your massur needs to have the natural talent for it. And also the right training, because erotic massage needs some protocol, some techniques and some experience!

So most of the times the erotic masseur is the right professional. I have control over our bodies and I will stretch the session to as long as you wish. One hour, one hour and a half, two hours. And I will keep you on the edge! Well, some guys can have multiple orgasms.

To many men receiving a naked massage is just the clue. And the right start to enjoy a really hot and sexy experience!

Passionate massage for gay men

Erotic tantric massage is for all kinds of gay men though. Don’t even think it is just for very experienced men! Which group are you in?

  • Men who already had the most adventurous sex encounters
  • Cautious men who wish to be safe at all times

Maybe you are in the in-between area. No problem! I can obviously adapt to you. It feels naturally easy to me, honestly!

Erotic massage for beginners

I have many customers who call me a bit frightened though.

“Is this safe? Do I need to have some previous trainings?”

Not at all, because my erotic bodywork is absolutely safe at all times. And no, you can also enjoy it no matter what your sensual CV looks like. No previous experience needed!

I worked on the Tantric protocols for years to make them as universal as it gets. And trust me it works! You can check the testimonials to read what other guys say and feel.

Not to mention that receiving a massage is saving you from any kinds of effort. Both mental and physical. Just lay back and enjoy it!

“I don’t have a very active sensual life. Maybe because I like to choose my partners well. Casual encounters are not for me!”

So you are feeling horny now. Well, you just found your ideal gay masseur in Barcelona! Besides, you can choose among many different profiles. Just have a look at these exclusive masseurs!

Any of them can adapt to all sorts of men. And all who tried our services are extremely satisfied!

Passionate bodywork for active men

Many of my customers say they are sensually active men. Extremely active, for the record. These men are used to have sex on a daily basis. Sometimes more than just once!

“I like it hot, I like it passionate. Close body to body, long edging sessions please!”

So I’m the guy for you. Since in my private life I can be sweet vanilla to spicy passionate. And all the shades between!

Order your best massage now

Finally, this is the time to take the right decision. Maybe the FAQs come handy for you at this point.

The nest step is as easy as contacting me.

You are welcomed to explore all the contents on my website! From relaxing massage and naked massage to tantric massage training and also several fetish massage.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Jorge and Leo are also a passionate kissers. Check them if you want to cross certain lines beyond massage!

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