No cum massage

No cum massage

No cum massage

No cum massage is when the receiver decides not to climax during or immediately after our gay erotic bodywork.

Have you ever seen a porn video? Well you obviously have. On this post I’d like to stress a specific fact you can see many times on these videos. Namely guys who seem to force themselves to climax. Is it on purpose?

It doesn’t feel any sexy to me to see this. It could even be a turn off. Maybe because I’m used to see guys who are trying to enjoy much longer. They are having the opposite problem, namely trying not to cum!

Feeling on the edge is extremely sexy! Do you like edging?

“When I try so hard to hold from cumming it means I’m having such a blast!”

Same happens to me! That’s exactly when I need to make it last. Because I’m having such a great time with this guy at hand! So much so that I know any little stroke will make me climax. Or even a slight move from my pelvis!

That means the session is really hot. This mans we got where we wanted to be!

No cum massage

Right on the contrary, respecting my customers’ preferences is a relevant fact. Listening to you is the key to offer you the best erotic gay massage —not only in Barcelona.

And there are customers who don’t wish to climax at all. For whatever reasons! Sometimes they tell me, sometimes not. I never ask about the reasons though.

The following are what some clients wanted me to know:

“I’m having a date with a lady later on. I just want to make sure I’m really horny. I know that keeping my climax for her will make me explode more intensely. And she’ll see a lot of semen“.

“I feel embarrassed. I don’t want to climax please”.

It’s always very hard for them though. But I always give them some tricks.

No cum massage for bisensual men

As the previous testimonial, there is a number of bisensual men who are dating ladies. For whatever reason they feel more stimulated with a man.

“I can’t fall in love with a man. Though I get really turned on with men. My friends say being bisensual must be an advantage, but it has its thorns”.

Bisensual men like to explore their male on male action. In other words m4m massage. Maybe because it is a safe environment to explore their sensual curiosity.

Dry climax massage for gay men

Gay men are usually very hedonistic. Because pleasure of all kinds, from gastronomy to sex, have a relevant place in our lives.

However, not all gay men are the same. Clichés are frequently wrong.

“I am looking for the spiritual side of gay tantric massage. I know I will get aroused but I want to set a certain limit”.

Massage has this extra wide range of benefits. You can choose and set the limits yourself. A masseur should be a sane professional who is using his brains. I tag myself as a very responsible and respectful guy. Many guys say I’m a balanced masseur.

Though one —even several— “dry climax” is also possible. This is the magic of Tantric massage! Real tantric masseurs know how to deliver this amazing experience.

You can achieve prostate climax, nipple climax or even testicle apotheosiss. Avoiding release.

Avoiding climax feels hotter

Don’t ask me why. Though most of the guys who don’t want to climax end up ejaculating extremely big loads of semen.

“All the forbidden stuff makes me even hornier. I forbid myself to climax and there you have it! This has been very very sexy session. I guess that not assuming a too obvious ending feels more intriguing!”

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Finally, if you try Matt, the gay escort it’ll be really hard no to climax!

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