New year resolutions

New year resolutions

New year resolutions are this elaborate list of things and events we keep warm inside our hopes. We already know this checklist will have some sweet accomplishments. Though some bitter frustrations will probably show the downside.

So how can we avoid deceiving ourselves?

Writing down your own list of new year resolutions is the first step. This way we can set some priorities. And maybe foresee what seems more likely to come true. I guess that just by writing it you will be able to tell instantly!

Kinds of new year resolutions

What kind of new year resolutions are you having? Ideally it should be a mix of all these, because life is about variety.

  • Is it a list of objects?
  • Maybe a travel destinations list?
  • Do you wish to achieve some professional goals?
  • Starting some training?
  • Using more time for sports?
  • Starting a diet?
  • Improving your love-making?

The most likely is you have several checkmarks in more than just one category though. And that’s perfect!

Special new year resolutions

My last customer yesterday told me about his very personal resolutions list. This is the reason why I decided to write this post.

Besides, it did make sense to me. Big time!

  • Focusing more on my partner
  • Spending more quality time together
  • Learning or experiencing some new sensual techniques
  • Exploring complicity with my partner
  • Opening up my mind to his unspoken wishes
  • Setting new goals for us to achieve together

I found them all astounding. I guess I can remember them all because I share many of these goals.

Giving up too soon?

We usually give up before starting to try though. We might think:

  • I won’t make it
  • It needs to much effort
  • No time to do it
  • I will have to quit something else
  • Sacrifice is too hard
  • Reward is doubtful and hard to achieve
  • It takes too long to see the first results

Or any other excuses. Because excuses are the easiest to find. Especially for stuff we never tried before. Being new to a specific experience is sometimes involving the fear of frustration. Absolutely!

Though once you start you will feel much better!

Selfish new year resolutions

“I also wish to explore my own body. And my reactions to sensuality and erotic touch. I never touched another man”.

Many bisensual men —and also gay men— have some curiosity for exploring the world of sensual intimacy. A Tantra massage like the ones I can offer you are one more new year expectations you can easily fulfil. In your own local massage parlours. Also in Barcelona during your business trip!

Ideas for couples

Exploring your complicity as a couple is also feasible. It is a very special erotic massage therapy. I am also serving couples. While the erotic massage you can have as a kind of three-some is much more than just a gay bodywork. Your emotional lives are also involved. This experience can help you in many a way:

  • Explore your complicity
  • Watch your partner being honest in his sensual preferences
  • Discover and test new roles
  • Don’t hurt each other —this is not sex!
  • Join each other in a new landscape
  • Use the tricks for your intimate life as a couple!

New stuff is always constructive and positive —if you make it the right way though. Because experiments can be dangerous. So be safe at all times and test it as a game in the safe environment of a gay Tantra massage.

Take the first step

It’s time to make your own resolutions list now. Be brave, think big and go for it!

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Talk to me and feel free to ask! Contact Paco!

These are some useful FAQs you can read anytime!

Finally, please have in mind our different local time zones if you are not in Spain.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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