New to massage?

New to massage

New to massage?

New to massage? So are you ready to try an absolutely new experience?

Sometimes the new stuff comes with the ticklish feeling inside the stomach.

Let’s not name it “butterflies” though. But to some new customers this would be a good way to describe this mixture of nervousness and curiosity.

Take a decision

“I have been thinking about this for some months now. Maybe a year. I finally got all the courage to contact you and set up a meeting”.

Many other men are daring to dare this first step!

While to some others it is not a big deal. Because this move is just an expression of your character.

While some men think a lot about everything, some others just act —not that the latter take it less seriously!

Being new to this is not a weird thing though. Because massage is something we consider frequently, and a great number of people is enjoying its benefits on a monthly basis.

Dare my gay massage

Gay massage is a more specific massage style. Or call it a gay service. As you guess, it involves some more specific assets:

  • Intimacy
  • Gay masseur for gay customers
  • Male intimate touch
  • Mutual caressing
  • Sensual massage
  • Intense erotic massage
  • Sometimes including prostate massage
  • Releasing massage

If any —or all— of these features are interesting to you then I’m your man!

Ever tried erotic bodywork?

So there is always a first time for this erotic experience!

On top of ti all, eroticism involves some clue stimulations that brings sexual excitement. Call it a hard-on. And excitement brings with it the desire to climax. That’s absolutely natural to me!

So erotic bodywork has many additional features! While therapy massage is willingly avoiding all these:

  • Tenderness
  • Male complicity
  • Body to body contact
  • Naked massage
  • Sexual touch
  • Releasing and ejaculation

The right place to go

Men who are new to erotic bodywork might be also searching for a studio. Sometimes they go to the wrong places and wrong masseurs though!

It is relevant to take some time to compare different offerings.

If this is your firs time, your masseur should not be advertising as an escort.

On the other hand, please have in mind that most of the therapy masseurs are avoiding these kind of services. If you try to seduce a “serious” and legitimate-massage therapist he can feel really angry —even abused. So don’t assume anything. Not even with gay masseurs!

So better have a look for erotic masseurs or Tantric masseurs. And read their websites and service descriptions carefully. Finally, trust the ones that feel honest about their job.

It is also a good idea to placa a voice call so you have a more realistic contact with the person.

More options: outcall

This feels especially safe if you prefer to meet the masseur at a place you feel “yours”.

As the opposite of going to weird places where you won’t feel secure.

Outcall means a premium service. Because it includes the fact that the masseur is traveling to meet you wherever you are.

  • Bodywork at home
  • Also in your hotel room
  • Massage in a yacht
  • Arrange a motel or hotel by hours

Any of these work for me! Just call me and let’s set up the meting. I am never hanging taxi fares in the city of Barcelona!

Professional studio

Professional masseurs usually have their own studio.

So you are free to visit my place. I am located in the city enter of Barcelona. You can find me on google maps or just google “gay massage Barcelona”. I’m usually the first one, highlighted by google. And also thanks to the wonderful reviews I’m earning.

The next thing you should do is call me to set up an appointment. I have a schedule but I always adapt to my customers.

Let me know what is the best time for you!

Yep, it’s that easy!

Call me now or send me an SMS: +34 676 648 226

Explore my website for more info about prices, Tantra massage, naked massage etc.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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