New Masseur Barcelona

New Masseur Barcelona

New Masseur Barcelona: try Angelo’s amazing gay massage! Angelo is just 25, really tall and sexy. Perfect for your out-call massage in your hotel room!

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Angelo just arrived to Barcelona coming from one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean. He collected an amazing experience there in several sorts of massage.

Angelo now joined me (Paco) in offering our best gay and male-to-male erotic massages. He’s the new Masseur Barcelona.

Angelo new Masseur Barcelona

Angelo has just arrived to Barcelona a couple of years ago. He fell in love with this city! So he decided to stay for some longer time and we spoke about adding up each other’s expertise to offer an even higher quality in our massage services for gay men.

Angelo new Masseur Barcelona

Angelo is a very young guy. He is virile, has a lean and sexy body. Angelo is almost 190 cms tall, this is about 6 feet 5, so several inches taller than me (Paco). Angelo has this typical 2-days beard all men in Italy seem to sport. And that looks really sexy on him! I don’t know the exact translation to English, but the word I found is “scoundrel”. Angelo is a sweetheart though. Very noble, honest and balanced. So your perfect new Masseur Barcelona!

New Masseur Barcelona

Angelo is a quiet young man. Discrete, speaking always in a low tone, grounded and professional. A bit too serious sometimes but I guess he is still getting used to the city and its invisible mechanics.

“Angelo was a bit distant at the start. But he loosened up quickly and the session got extremely hot! Again, you made a really good choice by having him in your team!”

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New sexy Masseur Barcelona

Though not yet on our team picture, Angelo is really sexy. Otherwise I wouldn’t be working with him. He has a natural sensual chemistry. He masters erotic massage and a real wide range of techniques as Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage, Body to body Massage and Naked Massage.

Four-hands sexy massage Barcelona

Angelo is usually working individually. He can serve you anytime 24 hours massage in your hotel room. Please make your booking before 11 PM though so we can schedule.

We also offer 4-hands massages. This is the hottest gay massage experience you’ll ever try! Imagine us, in a “daddy and son” incestuous massage session working naked on all of your body.

Call me to set up your hottest gay massage in Barcelona with Angelo: contact me!

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See you in Barcelona!

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