New massage customers

New massage customers

New massage customers

New massage customers are always surprised by the exciting experience they discover under my hands and body.

They soon want to see themselves as “regular customer, so let’s say a friend”. I just love this!

Since soon enough they tell me:

“Paco, you should not concentrate on getting new massage customers but just on your regulars”.

I understand this as a kind of jealousy! And I bet I’m not wrong with my guess.

“You should give priority to us, your regulars”.

And I do! I always keep the day and time for all weekly customers.

New massage customers

If you are a new customer to my service there is a lot more to know. Also if you are a regular customer to me as well, since you had some massages before.

Erotic massage is a very interesting experience. I know it sounds tacky though to many guys.

“Just a massage? Man, I want some real action!”

Sometimes “massage” sounds as some lame stuff. It is not by any means. Not with me though!

To many of my clients my erotic massage is much better than sex.

“It lasts much longer! I get really excited! Got such a long time of hard on. I couldn’t wait to blow!”

For men who have tried erotic massage before I can just say mine is a very personal style.

“You feel much more intimate, less rigid and way hotter than many other guys!”

“To me it is really easy to say you are the best in Barcelona. By far”.

No other warnings or informations are needed.

I’m tall, hairy, expert. Uncut though —which is a fetish for many.

New massage customers reviews

“This has been an amazing discovery. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this so much. I will try other guys for sure. Since I think I now understand what massage is about”.

“I tried some tricky massages elsewhere. They are some under-cover sexual services which felt quite phoney to me. You are a special guy though”.

“I’d like to explore many many other things with you. So much so I wish each massage could have a different focus. Maybe on some different aspects of man on man intimacy. Could we?”

We sure will!

I have many customers who have been coming over weekly —for some years now. Of course their evolution in intimate communication is astonishing. And they are aware of it.

“My sexual encounters with other guys have been getting better and better. I feel more confident about my own body and also about my performance”.

Recurring new massage customers

You will soon not be a new customer anymore! Even though you’ll still feel that thrill overtime you book a session with me.

“We always do some new stuff. I think I never had twice the same experience with you. You have plenty of ideas and we seem to grow together”.

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