New gay masseur Jorge

New gay masseur Jorge

New gay masseur Jorge is this young, tall and muscular hunk!

Jorge started to work with us just recently, and many o our regular clients couldn’t wait to try him as well!

So we already got some feedback about his performance!

New gay masseur Jorge

Our masseur Benito introduced us to Jorge. They have been working together in some shootings for gay movie production.

Our client’s first impression is that Jorge is extremely easy to be with. You seem to click with him instantly. After a short while talking together you got the feeling you know him for a long time.

Jorge’s assets

Jorge is much taller than the Spanish average. By 6 feet 2 he pops out over any other masseur. He is as tall as Paco.

Jorge is muscular training daily. His muscles are extremely defined, strong and tough as a rock. He has an amazingly sexy body to look at! And to feel! Because his skin is absolutely smooth and silky, though he has this sexy hairy legs. So typically Spanish!

On top of all this, Jorge also offers a thick cucumber shaped penis. Also in this department he pops out above the average! For even more detailed information, he is uncut as Paco.

Jorges’ talents

Sometimes we interview guys who don’t have any stamina at all. Though when you want to work in this industry of erotic massage you need to be frisky enough to understand the client’s desires.

How can we say that Jorge’s personal energy is so obvious we didn’t even have to ask him?

Jorge needs to have it several times a day. Far from being an addict, though, he has some total control over his desires. This mental full control is a very relevant aspect we always have in mind. Since our job is a lot about control. Please check interactive tantric massage to understand what we mean with this statement.

Is Jorge the masseur for you?

Jorge is definitely the best option for gay or bisensual men who prefer a tall and defined masseur.

Also for men who need a very frisky though tender guy. Jorge is very expert in many erotic grips.

He also very creative, since he has some very sensitive antennas to predict your desires.

Of course we will always keep our service in the boundaries you define yourself.

Jorge’s availability

We always stress the fact that last minute requests are risky. Please plan ahead, since he is frequently coaching his gym clients.

The safest way is always planning ahead for the next day. So please contact us to make your booking!

Jorge can also serve you the best way to adapt to your convenience!

You can also have him perform our out-call massage to your hotel room!

Do you have any questions? Many of them are already answered on FAQs. If not, please feel free to call and ask us!

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