The new Natural penis matters to many

Natural penis

The new Natural penis matters to many

Natural penis is the penis that did not suffer any surgery.

Let me point out that the obviously retouched picture of me is a joke! You already knew it, but I just want to mention I did this photoshop experiment.

There are lots of gay men who cherish over-sized dicks. So I felt curious about how I’d look like sporting one of those!

Why do we speak about natural penises here at all though?

Natural penis

My female colleagues who are also offering erotic massage and escort services tell me almost on a daily basis:

“Men do not want silicon implants on us. More and more guys want natural breasts. Do they also ask you about not having any sort of implant?”

Well, yes, lately! I never payed any attention to questions like these. Though recently —maybe by coincidence?— there have been a couple of guys asking me if I have any sort of penis implant.

So let’s start off right by the beginning. Mine is the natural penis. I never had any sort of surgery. Not even circumcision. I still am the uncut masseur.

I have never either thought of undergoing any kind of penis surgery at all. My penis works perfectly. I know it could be bigger. But what’s good on growing it if doesn’t work anymore?

Natural penis vs. implants

There are many kinds of penis surgery. From implants to a sort of enlargement that consists on pulling it out, so leaving a shorter root. Excuse me if I don’t know the plastic surgery technical vocabulary.

The penis’ functionality is oftentimes affected by the surgical intervention.

I recently met an escort who did have a surgery. He needed a much bigger penis. Not just because his customers asked for it. Also because it did matter to his self esteem.

“Unfortunately I can’t get the erections I had before. Strong and lasting erections, I mean. Now I feel trapped in a body that doesn’t work as well as before. And I guess there is no way back! I guess that was the worst decision in my life!”

I wish I had testimonials of guys who did succeed with their surgery! Please contact me if your plastic surgery on the penis has been successful!

We prefer a penis that works

This customer told me his own experience with a masseur in Miami.

“That latino guy in Florida was just amazing. I chose him because he had an amazingly big dick. He didn’t have any sort of erection during the massage though”.

“So I asked him if he did not feel attracted to me. He said he had undergone a surgery. The side effect was he lost the power of erection. While he feels sensually excited, his organ is not able to grow hard anymore”.

“I wanted to make sure you are able to get excited. I like this even if we don’t have intercourse. To me erotic massage needs to be as exciting as it gets with a man”.

Again, my penis is natural. I prefer having e medium-big size that works. Rather than some XXXL that stays soft.

These are all my massage menus I can offer you. From receiving massages to extremely reciprocal bodywork!

If you have any questions about my dick and its functionality please contact me. I will be very happy to answer you!

Contact me!

These gay escorts also have some extremely big penises. And besides they are all also natural!

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