My husband is a shopping addict

My husband is a shopping addict

“Since my husband is a shopping addict I also deserve to spoil myself every now and then”. This is what my customer told me after enjoying my erotic massage in Barcelona.

There are many reasons to enjoy en erotic massage in Barcelona. Or a gay massage with me if you want to be more specific.

But I never heard about such a reason before!

“Paco, my husband is spending about 800 dollars every time he’s using our credit card —back home. He is a true shopping addict. I don’t need to find excuses to spend the money I’m earning myself though”.

“I just wanted to tell you that my husband is apparently forgetting everything he shops right after putting it into his closet.

The massage I have enjoyed with you has been amazing. And it cost much less than a fifth my hubby might be spending right now on Passeig de Gràcia on designer brands”.

“Ans it is no lie if I tell you I will remember this massage for a long long time. This has been something intimate, exciting and really meaningful to me. Your massage has a great value”.

Shopping addict

Everybody has his legitimate addictions and preferences. While some shopping addict prefer spending huge amounts of money on shopping, on drinking alcohol or on eating out, some other opt for living up intimate fantasies.

Erotic Tantra massage is one of these intimate dreams you might be having. And there is always the right place and right moment to enjoy it.

Massage addict

There are also some massage addicts out there. They are passionate about massage, sometimes they are men addicted to sex, but they always value my erotic massage service as something that has fulfilled their need for excitement, the need to share some sexy moment with another male.

Male on male massage or m4m is something special. It is different from the dark rooms casual sex and anonymous sex.

Erotic massage offers some longer time of sensual excitement with somebody you previously chose following your personal preferences. The intimacy and complicity we are going to build from the very first moment is something that feels sweet, tender, intimate yet exciting.

Do you wish to discover how it feels on you?

Please call me: contact me!

And check my full website on  male massage: exclusive masseurs!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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