Muslim massage customers

Muslim massage customers

Muslim massage customers

Muslim massage customers are clearly different from other customers. So different from gay men coming from the rest of the world like Asia, Europe or the Americas. Because religion and society structure has a deep influence on Arabic men.

Muslim is the word related to all persons following the religion of Islam. As I have stated many times along all my posts during years.

I am serving men from all religions, all races, all countries and all cities of the world.

I respect all religions. All of them! To me religion is not a fence but something spiritual that’s here to unite us humans. We can have a different faith but we still share many more things in common among us all!

So no matter what’s your religion. I will also serve you.

Massage and religion

Massage is a human job. It was present in all ancient cultures under one name or another. Massage is as ancient as mankind. So it is as ancient as all religions on Earth.

And massage has evolved together with our civilisation and all of our cultures.

It is a way to share and to communicate interest, tenderness, care and even love and sex. Massage means an effort so it’s not given just like that!

So massage has also a deep personal value.

Massage is a privilege

Massage has been somewhat of a privilege of the very powerful. Pharaoh’s, Kings, Emperors and High Priests had their own masseurs. While peasants did not even guess how pleasing this was.

It’s funny how massage is an escape for many religions. Religions don’t ever mention any restrictions to massage. In Asian religions as in Arabic countries massage therapists keep the secret door to a parallel intimate life. So it is forbidden though silently allowed.

In a future post I will be speaking about Hammam and massage. It is a fascinating subject to me!

Taboo and Muslim massage customers

Arabic countries are very strict —sometimes to death— with homosexuality. Many things that are taken as normal in Europe and the Americas are deadly sins in Arabic countries. Nudity is a taboo and mutual intimate touch is even worse than forbidden. Only a muslim could tell you how powerful the idea of prohibition is.

Of course there are many tricks for Arabic men. They sure find their ways around to have what they need.

Because these needs for intimacy are as human as I think they are legitimate.

Another frequent taboo is anal stimulation.

I also found out many men reject the full body to body contact. It gets them too nervous. But as I always say, everybody is different!

Sex and Muslim massage customers

I find it interesting and also contradictory that Muslim men think erotic massage equals to having sex. They go from prohibition to the wildest and opposite extreme in the blinking of an eye. All of sudden sex is something absolutely normal —even mandatory!

Many times I need a minute or two to explain the difference between massage and sex.

There is a reason for Muslim men to mix the concepts. The reason is because in Muslim countries you can find sexual services advertised as under-cover massage studios. I mean massage studios are under-cover gay baths or gay saunas where you find male escorts or just plain men seeking men.

“Why can’t you have sex? We are two men!”

Since Muslim men don’t have a chance to have sex frequently with other men. So sometimes they assume we feel the same hunger. Now we are two naked men in a room we have to have sex!

Some customers have not been able to understand the limits of my job though. If I have an erection they think we can go much further. Yes I can be horny and get excited but I still have my professional and —most important— personal limits.

Testimonials of Muslim massage customers

“You are uncut! This is eeeeek to me!”

Only boys under 11 years of age are uncircumcised in Arabic countries. So to Muslim men an uncut dick is a childish penis. No matter how big or how hairy. Most of them look away and the drama is over. To some others this is an amazing fetish though!

“You are a very hot man. Excellent masseur! You have too many things I like!”

“You are punctual, you are clean. And I like all the extras as well!”

To this man the “extras” was the happy ending. He couldn’t believe this was included, but really happy to have it! While many others assume the service is about oral sex as well. I always suggest the Tantra Fusion massage.

“I am very married, so this is a secret. While seeing you undress I was so horny that I was afraid I’d shoot anytime. Thank you for respecting me until the end!”

Muslim men and gay massage

Gay massage means something very special to Muslim men. It is a treasured moment, extremely valued because it feels as a privilege. Especially for those who have the chance to make a business trip.

“I have planned this for a very long time. You know… I touched myself imagining how this was going to be. Now I have some new things to remember —until the next time!”

“Your massage parlour is also important to me. Your place is absolutely clean, elegant and discrete. You did a perfect atmosphere”.

Do you want to live up this experience as well? Just call and make your reservation!

Paco: +34676648226

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