Most read gay blog entries 2017

Most read gay blog entries 2017

Most read gay blog entries 2017

Most read gay blog show the trends and the real interests of the gay community. Even though you might think just adult pictures are ranking! There’s much more though!

It’s a good moment to look back once the year is coming to the end. Because it’s always nice to be aware of what we did and what we achieved. This is a safe way to plan for the next futre. And also a smart way to set reasonable goals.

Most read gay blog

Of course there are many gay blogs around there! Most of them are like diaries focused on the day by day of teen-agers. Emotional experiences and also sex encounters are relevant to the youngest.

Most read gay blog about massage

Let’s get a bit more specific though. Since I’m a professional masseur, my blog is about my services. Also about many related contents! Because massage is not just a job, but also a way to communicate and share.

Tantric massage seems to be a very opaque concept, according to what many guys tell me. A relevant amount of gay men call me just to ask what it is about. This is the main reason I’m publishing this blog though. It’s my humble effort to cast some light about the benefits of Tantra.

As I’m explaining in many posts, tantric massage is about control and awareness. Because the goal is a more lasting and more intense enjoyment of sensuality.

Of course you can achieve some more pleasure using many techniques. Tantric massage is obviously not the only tool to intensify sexual pleasure. It’s one of the safest though.

2017: the most read gay blog entries

I am still surprised every time I check the audiences. After the most successful entries I always compare them with my favourites. Because I like to understand what moves gay men, so what the main interests are.

I guess all these are useful for gay men looking for information. During this year the audience has been growing consistently. So now I hope I can match these expectations for the next year ahead!

There are also some controversial subjects as the following. Even if not so popular in visits, theses entries are causing readers to send e-mails with specific questions.


These entries tell me a lot about the true followers. Because followers and occasional information seekers are different audience profiles.

Sometimes I’m really surprised about the success of a specific entry. Because issues that are relevant to me seem to go unnoticed. While some trivial information is able to awake huge interest.

Let’s see what good the new year will bring us all! I am so certain thing will get much better! I am not only passionate about massage but also passionate for life!

Feel free to contact me if you need any sort of additional information!

Paco: +34676648226

And please don’t be shy and check also Matt’s website!

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