Most popular gay massage

Most popular gay massage

Most popular gay massage

What is the most popular gay massage in Barcelona? This is a question our clients ask very frequently.

What is your most popular package?”

I guess many men need some help by deciding which option to take. And what many others did before is like a clue or a safe path to follow.

So from all the different “menu options” as we call our different sessions and pricing plans there is one that overwhelmingly pops out. It is more popular than any other.

But why is this so?

And which one is it?

By the way, the guy on the picture is Paco. He is one of the most requested gay masseurs in Barcelona. His expertise and his ability to connect with gentlemen of all conditions also gives him an amazing word of mouth. You are welcomed to check our testimonials, sometimes weird comments or descriptions of our sessions.

By the way, there are also many surprising FAQs about our services!

Most popular gay massage

So let’s answer first which one it is. Then we’ll discuss why.

Our most requested massage is our naked massage. This is the massage we perform totally naked. We also allow interaction. This means you can touch us anytime during the massage.

  • Naked Massage
  • Allowing interaction
  • Mutual touch
  • Very intimate
  • Extremely passionate massage
  • Male on male
  • Longest time of body to body contact
  • Prostate massage
  • Happy ending
  • Choice of additional massage techniques

Gay massage directory

We have a quite big team of male masseurs. We’d like to share it with you. So you can choose among many different options as height, weight, age, style and talents.

Please check gay massage directory Barcelona!

All of us can serve you in your hotel as an out-call massage. Though also as in-call in our gay massage studio!

Once you decide please let us know and call to request availability!

Paco: contact me!

Paco is the manager —also at the very well built masseur himself— and he will answer your request.

Naked massage is our most popular gay massage

Because interaction gets the erotic temperature much higher. We are crossing the traditional limits of massage that claim that the massage receptor can’t touch his therapist.

We cross this line! Mainly because most of you guys are requesting it!

So this is exactly what most gay men wish to experience. Beyond having just a regular massage. Expectations are always higher and higher.

And we keep what we promise: an extremely hot and intimate naked massage!

Most popular gay massage sessions

The difference is big compared to the other packages we offer. Because the amount of requests for the Naked Massage is 80% of all the massages we are serving.

From all these Naked massages the 90 minutes massages is more than 75% of the requests. Followed by the 60 minutes session. Next are the 120 minutes naked massage and the 75 minutes. The least requested is the 45 minutes session.

  • 90 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • 75 minutes
  • 45 minutes

Though we understand we must keep all the options. Because the goal we pursue is adapting to as many different needs as possible.

Most popular gay massage in Barcelona

All of the members of our team are taking our job very seriously. Even if it is a job seeking your pleasure and fun, our clients value our professional and responsible approach to erotic massage.

Reliability and quality service makes the difference. Always.

That’s expressed in the form of our new gay boutique massage studio. A very exclusive space, state of the art, always clean, absolutely professional. Our gay massage studio is set up seeking the most professional way to serve you!

So we could not work in a different way. And it shows in the amount of requests we are having on a constant basis!

Word of mouth is also amazing among our served and satisfied customers. They are recommending us to each and every close friend they know is visiting Barcelona.

Our local customers are also very loyal. Though we always encourage them to try other massage services. They come back knowing the difference is big in quality!

Any question? Suggestions? Sure! We will be very happy to serve you!

Paco: contact me!

Explore my website for more detailed information about gay massage, Tantra massage and out-call massage service!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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