More than sex massage

More than sex massage

More than sex massage

More than sex massage. It sounds like an oxymoron. Though when speaking of erotic massage the magic of oxymorons does happen!

While the magic about erotic massage is precisely this: it’s massage but it’s also sex. It’s not sex “all the way” but it’s even more intense than sex!

“This is more than massage. And more than sex. It is like making love!”

This is how a cliente described it yesterday.

Anyway, for sure it is much more than plain massage!

So how can we understand this? Are we facing an impossible oxymoron?

Don’t compare it with anything else! Discover erotic massage as a new dimension in sensual pleasure.


Because we can’t compare massage to sex. Though you will get the most out of it by simply letting go and diving into this new experience. Without any preconceptions or sensual expectations!

That should be a balanced attitude to face and to enjoy this wonderful erotic massage.

Erotic massage more than sex massage

Everybody has had sex in his life. Well, that’s what we assume when we speak about adult men and women. Erotic massage instead is something a real small percentage of the population has indulged into though.

The first reason is that erotic massage sounds like being “less than sex”. This is also a bold misconception.

If we call sex whatever activity or game that includes stimulation of sensual organs, then erotic massage is sex.

If we also restrict the definition even more into something that leads to sensual pleasure and apotheosis, then erotic massage is also sex. Even more than sex!

Erotic massage is more than sex

So erotic massage goes further than sex. Because the range of grips and kinds of sensual stimulation is a thousand times richer. The proof is that an erotic massage needs a longer time to be performed than plain sex.

Having plain sex you could be finished in minutes. Oral sex and penetration can get you to climax really fast.

Erotic massage instead will be stimulating your whole body and not just the sensual organs.

But heres’ even more to it!

Time and more than sex massage

Time is a factor as well. The longer the session, the caring, the treat, the more excited you will feel. Because time plays a relevant role in everything!

Cooking some fish very fast on a high temperature might burn it. If you cook the same fish with a lower fire you will have it smoother and it will melt in your mouth like butter.

More than… and its magic

Love and sex can’t be metaphors of other pleasures though. Tenderness and sex are a world on its own with its own rules and its own magic.

If this is what you’d like to explore and discover just give me a call.

My customers say my erotic Tantra massage is really special, a unique massage style in the world.

Just to mention a couple of relevant keys to my erotic massage:

  • Intimate connection
  • Awareness
  • Sexual wisdom

Paco: contact me!

See you in Barcelona! In my studio or in your own hotel room.

I can also suggest you Matt, so you got more choices when it comes to the masseur!

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