Moonlight massage

Moonlight massage

Moonlight massage

Moonlight massage during the most special nights. Full moon always has this special aura of mystery.

Since there are many men feeling the magnetism of moonlight we’d like to fulfil their erotic fantasies.

“I just love full moon nights. I like their special mystery. Something special can always happen under the moonlight“.

Having this wish is a good start! Because it helps making desired things come true!

Moonlight magic

Me and Matt also feel especially excited on full moon nights. We are very far from being the were-wolf though!

Human kind has celebrated full moon and the moonlight now for more than 70.000 years. Stonehenge for example is a temple devoted to the moon and the stars. So ancient civilisations already felt the magnetic attraction of the moon.

Moonlight massage

So these nights are the perfect moment to plan and enjoy our erotic massage. Everything will match, all energies will flow in the same direction and in the same wavelength.

Because our tantric techniques are cornerstone to build up the perfect intimate chemistry.

It is just your decision to call us and book your sexiest massage ever.

Paco gay masseur

Paco is the expert daddy masseur. Tall, strong, the sexy hairy masseur. Paco is uncut and extremely wise in an amazing range of erotic grips.

Matt bisexual masseur

Matt is the young gay masseur. He is just 26 years of age. His defined body, his handsome face and his XXL amazing tool will do the rest. He is a bisexual masseur, so he likes serving both men and women. Check his personal website here:

Erotic moonlight massage

So the magic is there already. Now you just have to make your wish and call us. The magic of the moonlight is this amazing energy that can boost intimacy.

The moon will add her power to make this erotic experience magic, intense and unforgettable.

“I realised it was full moon after exiting your gay massage studio. Then I understood I had been under the spell of your magic hands. But also under the spell of the moon”.

Gay moonlight massage

Our erotic massage is the perfect experience for many gay men.

“Sex has tuned out to be unfulfilling to me. Massage takes for much longer and my enjoyment lasts for longer time. I wish all my boyfriends could offer me massage like you do. They don’t make the effort though”.

Gay men understand erotic massage like nobody else does. Casual encounters, anonymous sex on the cruising areas. There is a lot o frustration in all these practices.

This is why we are here to offer you a really deep and intimate bodywork.

Oder your moonlight massage

Wether full moon or not. Once you’re horny and feel sexual desire it is always the right moment to enjoy our job.

Lastly, please explore our massage prices, from naked massage to relaxing massage!

Then call Paco and tell him your questions!

Paco: +34676648226

Please go on exploring our website

See you soon in Barcelona!

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