Mind blowing massage

Mind blowing massage

Mind blowing massage

Mind blowing massage is when all your expectations proved to fall very short. Because sometimes an erotic massage can be a jaw-dropping experience!

Well, it should always be! Since my goal is exactly this one, you are a bit closer to have it now.

Mind blowing massage

Defining “mind-blowing” is very personal though. Because each man has his own criteria. And his own expectations!

“Well, I never had such an intimate massage! Let me say it’s been absolutely mind blowing! I guess I will masturbate to its remembrance!”

“In the States we use the term “gay massage” to whatever includes a masturbation. Your bodywork is on a whole different dimension. After this experience I feel very happy and satisfied!”

Massage for gay men

Gay men tend to choose very lush and extreme experiences. Therefore expectations are usually very high.

“Money doesn’t grow on the trees. So I’m paying for something I know I will enjoy!”

Meeting all the checklist of extras a gay customer may ask you is not an easy task. But there is a lot of work you can prepare in advance.

Most of the industries that are serving gay community are aware of the specific quality standards. We know each other, as gay men!

So I know exactly everything I can offer, how to do it and how to reach your satisfaction!

And this matches perfectly with what gay men are looking for in a tantric massage!

I always listen carefully to all the comments I earn as customer satisfaction.

The highest massage expectations

I know one masseur who feels overwhelmed when a customer tells him about his high expectations. And this happens a bit too frequently —to his taste! This masseur is a close friend of mine so we share intimate thoughts and experiences. I always tell him this is about self confidence. Though it is also a matter of being aware of how well trained you are.

“My expectations are very high. I want this to be my best massage ever!”

While to my friend it sounds like a threat, in muy opinion this is a very legitimate expression! I confess I think the same whenever I board a plane, enter a movie theatre or a restaurant.

Quality isn’t the problem. Quality is the solution.

Mind blowing massage in Barcelona

“Barcelona is an amazing city in many aspects. In a broad sense everything in the city works fine, but there are some exceptions. To my taste. The exceptions are frequently the little entrepreneurs, and mostly the gay ones”.

I had a quite long conversation with this guy, a really smart entrepreneur.

“In Spain some people think that just the fact of being gay is a guarantee to success. That’s obviously not enough! You really need to perform a perfect service!”

“Don’t think the gay community is a stupid friend who just helps you no matter what. All sorts of businesses need trained professionals. You also need to be nice, polite, of course. And that’s just the start. Not the topping, as you guys think in Spain. There must be a profound and genuine love for what you try to sell. And the right training for your job”.

I totally agree with all of these ideas. Because this is the clue to give the perfect gay massage!

To me, the clue are also recurring customers. Some fellow masseurs and my own clients tell me I have the highest ratio of recurring customers. While other masseurs tell me they have a 5% or recurring clients, my rate is close to 35%. Both for local customers and international visitors.

Do you have any question I can help you with? Just call and let’s talk!

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