Mexican massage customers

Mexican massage customers

Mexican massage customers

Mexican massage customers are special in many aspects. Follow me to a passionate ride to extremely hot eroticism!

The Mexican male

Speaking the same language helps a lot! Though Mexican customers traveling the world for business are fluent in English. But the fact we can speak Spanish is relevant to them. This way they can share a lot of intimate thoughts. And we usually have very nice conversations with Mexican customers!

“Me gusta conversar contigo. Se me hace fácil y como no conoces a nadie de mi país puedo hablarte con franqueza”.

Passionate clients

Mexican men are well known for being passionate. They just love sex! And it is very hard to keep them inside the limits of erotic massage. Almost all of them request for oral sex and penetration, either way. So Mexican men are as versatile as passionate!

Mexican customers never settle for less than a naked massage. And they frequently extend it to the 90 minutes session. Once they try it, they can’t stop and want it to last longer and longer.

“¡Se me pasó el tiempo volando! ¿Tienes media horita más para mí?”

Straight Mexican customers

Mexican society is not a very gay-friendly one though. Most of the men are still closeted. Many married men use their international business travels to satisfy their homo-erotic fantasies.

“I can’t do this in Mexico. I only use gay masseurs and escorts when traveling abroad”.

Straight Mexican men prefer massage because it feels absolutely safe. So this way they know there is no risk at all in health issues.

Gay Mexican customers

The openly gay Mexican men are quite young though. I mean under 35. They have a high standard in culture, style and enjoy the premium economic level.

“I had many different kinds of sexual experiences. I am adventurous. This time though I want to explore my deeper side of intimacy”.

Since to these guys the tantric massage is something “trendy” they will absolutely talk about. So most probably with their closest friends.

Massage customers worldwide

I have been writing posts following the criteria of country of origin. I am serving customers coming from all the countries of the world. Though prejudice is not my thing. So it is a hard work to find the common features of customers of any country.

I started writing about countries and customers since many of them have been asking me.

“How are the other German customers you have served?”

Please check German customers.

“Are Brazilians special customers?”

Please check Brazilian customers.

And many more! Like Canadian customers, Muslim customers, Italian customers and French customers.

I will be very happy to serve you! Contact me if you need any sort of additional information.


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