The new Mexican Ancestors Massage by Luca

Mexican Ancestors Massage

The new Mexican Ancestors Massage by Luca

We’d like to introduce you to the Mexican Ancestors Massage. This is a very special occasion since it’s the first time we are offering this millenary therapy. And the reason we can offer it now to you is very simple.

Recently the sexy masseur Luca joined us by advertising on this website. One of his specials is precisely this amazing experience. Besides all other erotic and Tantric massages, he also adds to our massage palette this interesting and absolutely unique therapy.

Why Mexican ancestors massage

Of course we are offering this new massage menu not with the only purpose of healing deep wounds of the soul —which is also possible, and Luca masters it! The main reason though is sharing with you this new dimension in massages.

Once you meet Luca you’ll understand how and why he blends this ancient massage with his natural sensuality. Honestly, Luca is a professional masseur you won’t be able to resist. So once the Mexican Ancestors massage is coming to its end, you’ll feel extremely aroused and will smoothly turn the session into a very sexy ending.

For gentlemen who wish to explore all the genuine healing aspects of this massage, Luca can also offer you a pack of several sessions to dive into the shamanic side of this experience. Of course you’ll need a much longer time and several sessions to perceive all the healing aspects Luca and his special Mexican Ancestors massage can give you.

What is Mexican ancestors massage

The pre-hispanic ancestors —legitimate owners of those territories— believed that health and Mother Earth go together hand in hand. So no respect for Nature actually means the destruction of human’s self well-being and welfare.

To them, the highest prize —not the goal but the prize— in life was achieving the balance between the physical body and the spiritual world of emotions. This massage was one of the several ways they had to keep this balance. Also to prevent diseases.

Of course all the techniques involving this massage style are full with traditions and ritualistic aspects they can’t scientifically explain. You’ll soon understand that we must cancel some of the aspects, because they involved sacrifices and hours long shamanic photo-therapies using many plants and minerals. Most of these are unavailable to us here. Though also the much longer session timing does not match most of the clients’ agendas.

To the Mexican Ancestors, the person has five boys dimensions: spiritual, physical, chemical, emotional and energetic.

Working all the feasible aspects with Luca will give you this special state of peace and balance —besides all the erotic benefits.

Luca also knows to clean your aura, which is included in this amazing experience.

You will be able to solve many different pathologies, emotional stress and of course achieve a higher well-being on your skin. You’ll notice already during the session!

Now you can share with Luca this special path of mutual discovering, inside and out. And you’ll go as far as you decide to.

Please contact us to book your session. Please have in mind Luca needs one day notice to prepare himself and the tools he needs for your session.

Here you can check all other exclusive masseurs in case you refer a different massage style.

Special pricing

Please understand that Luca can’t compress such an elaborate experience in less than 75 minutes. The ideal timing is the full 2 hours session, but we also understand that a 90 minutes experience is what most of our gay clients are able to fit into their budget and schedules.

We also want to keep the prices according to our most elaborate erotic massage, the full fledged interactive tantric massage. So the prices are as following:

120 minutes Mexican Ancestors Massage

Total price 400 €

90 minutes Mexican Ancestors Massage

Total price 300 €

75 minutes Mexican Ancestors Massage

Total price 250 €

On a final note, please make sure you want Luca, since he is the only masseur advertising with us who masters this special. As you can see, you have many masseur options for all other masseur styles.

Again, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other of our services!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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