Men for rent in Barcelona

Men for rent in Barcelona

What about Men for rent in Barcelona?

Though I don’t see myself as an escort, I am very aware that I’m working for specific moments and places. Exactly when some gentlemen need me for a massage.

Maybe it sounds awkward, but they are renting me for a specific time.

I also have my own gay massage studio in Barcelona, so you also have this choice for your convenience.

Men for rent in Barcelona

You will find gazillions of Men for rent in Barcelona. Are they all equally good, excellent or amazing?

“I didn’t want any of those narcissistic guys looking at themselves in the mirror rather than serving me. Before ever thinking of massage I searched for escorts or men for rent in Barcelona. Though I found you. So I told myself let’s give him a try!”

Another testimonial about choosing massage instead of men for rent:

“This has been the best decision ever. I enjoyed one hour and a half of your warm presence and your sexy gay massage. It is a very exciting feeling to be on the edge all the time. I know that men for rent in Barcelona sometimes just work to make you come as soon as possible. You gave me this amazing extended time of enjoyment. And the price is really worth it!”

Gay massage in Barcelona

My erotic massage is some expert bodywork focused on your pleasure.

Before you ask, it comes very close to sex. Though it’s not!

The whole session time is set up with an amazing range of erotic grips and body to body massage. The goal is your enjoyment and your pleasure.

I can also serve you a very intimate naked massage. You are allowed to touch me at all times and caress me intimately.

As men for rent in Barcelona usually do there is also some time for you to explore my body.

This gay erotic massage is an experience on the edge of sex, but I never perform lollypop nor penetration. Only during my Tantra Fusion massage menu. And only if you request for it specifically.

With me you will enjoy a moment of much deeper communication, male to male intimacy. And also a very natural kind of complicity. As if we know each other for years.

If you have specific questions please contact me or contacte me!

I will be very happy to answer and serve you!

Finally, please check this page for information about prices.

See you in Barcelona!

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