Meetings & events

Meetings and events

Meetings & events

Meetings and events deserve their specific exposition in Barcelona. The new Congresses season starts again this week. So more and more meetings & events are going to take place in Barcelona again from this week on.

That’s what #ibtmworld is for! Besides putting together customers and providers for this special industry. Because making itself visible to other industries is another relevant goal of this exposition’s.

Meetings and events

We don’t need to define these here. Because everybody knows what they are and what they mean.

While this industry is getting more and more refined and efficient. So it’s targeting more and more specific business areas.

Incentive travel is a huge industry. And Barcelona is one of the favourite destinations in Europe and in the world.

Professional Congress Organisers are also a relevant part of this sector. Barcelona is not only a tourist destination though. Beyond this, Barcelona is offering a huge amount of International Expositions. Because the Catalan capital city has a high quality hotel offer as well!

Barcelona is a medium size city. So not as huge as Paris, and not as small as Praha. This size is very convenient for businessmen. So taxi trips don’t take a relevant amount of time and cost.

Barcelona’s price ranges are also in the top middle range, so convenient and quite fair.

Gay meetings and events

Since this is an absolutely global exposition, more and more gay enterprises and therefore gay entrepreneurs are present in this industry.

I have seen its growth along the years. As a consequence more and more gay attendees are calling me to enjoy the massage they deserve.

“It’s been a long day. Long hours of standing and walking. It’s not stressful, but of course my feet end up soar. So I thought a good massage is absolutely necessary”.

“If your massage can give me some more extras that’s even better!”

“The fact you are professional is relevant to me. I don’t want just any escort who says he can do massage. And your talent is absolutely well described and matches the service promises”.

Hotel massage for meetings and events

Most gay attendees choose a very central hotel in Barcelona. The list of advantages is huge.

Though aAfter long hours of standing and talking to so many people they prefer to stay in their own hotel rooms.

So they call me, Jorge, Yamal, Tom, Benito or Matt. We travel to your hotel with no extra cost of taxis. Because we deliver an impeccable outcall gay massage service!

Since we have our own gay massage studio we can also serve you in our place. We know sometimes you may feel a bit too observed by other business colleagues.


Barcelona is a very interesting city for business. Expositions, Congresses and Incentive Travel are growing industries.

More and more gay entrepreneurs are participating in all sorts of industries. So after a long day of standing and networking an excellent massage is a must!

Call Paco or ask for his team mates: +34676648226

These are Paco’s massage prices.

Please check them and feel free to contact!

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