Master and servant puts the idea of balance on a new level of role play

Master and servant

Master and servant puts the idea of balance on a new level of role play

Master and servant massage is a fetish experience reaching a bit further than plain massage. So it is a sort of role-play combined with erotic massage.

I’m mentioning this because more and more men are keen on experiencing beyond erotic bodywork. The reason to call me or Dani —ask fort availability— is feeling safe and also sensually aroused. This combination allows making come true the erotic fantasy in the comfort zone of massage.

I am usually more concentrated on regular sensual massage. However I understand pleasure has many faces!

Tell me about pleasure!

Master and servant

As you may know there is a Depêche Mode song call “Master and servant”. It has an intriguing sound creating a dense and kinky atmosphere. This is one of my favourite songs together with “Strangelove” and “Halo”.

The subject is as pristine as the name. You can understand it in many ways though. For this post, let’s see it as a matter of role-play.

Master and servant fetish

Having so many customers has always exposed me to surprising experiences. And sometimes to weird requests as well. As you know, personal preferences and sensual fetish are unique and change from man to man.

To me they are all legitimate though!

I’d like to have your massage but with some little extras. I want to be your servant. You are my master and I will obey all your commands”.

The domination fetish is a very spread one, more than you might think. I’m not analyzing here what are the origins of this fetish. I just accept it, and I just see it as a very normal preference in sex. Or call it an erotic fantasy. Because it helps getting the sensual excitement you enjoy so much!

Master and servant massage

Yes, we can blend my gay erotic massage with this specific role play. Though I just need to know in advance to have everything ready —including myself.

Spanking massage can be a part of it if you wish.

You did not feel like acting. I was amazing by how genuine your commands sounded to me. My pre-cum has never been this abundant. I could have cum just like that without touching myself!”

Master and servant booking

The safest option is always contacting me and discussing personally what your specific desires are.

Please call me!

Paco: contact me!

Go on exploring different fetish massage.

See you soon, servant!

More on this subject on my Spanish website el masaje prohibido.

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