Masseurs easy to be with

Masseurs easy to be with

Masseurs easy to be with

Masseurs easy to be with are not that usual! Well, this is what many of our customers are telling us!

Why is it so hard to find laid back guys who don’t make you feel any stress?

“Some masseurs feel arrogant. And they assume you know their personal rules and limits”.

“With you instead I felt like home. You also told me to act spontaneously, which I absolutely adored! It’s the first time a masseur tells me this!”

Did I tell you we are a team? Before going on reading you are also welcome to check our gay massage directory Barcelona. Here you can see all the members of our gay team.

Because we are a team of gay masseurs of different ages, different backgrounds and of course different talents!

Masseurs easy to be with

Our service is a very special one, as you already know. Read more about gay massage in Barcelona.

Because introducing ourselves is not enough. We also need to tell you what we are offering.

Something we also like to point out is our personal approach to serving customers.

With you I feel as a friend, not as a customer”.

When you perform such an intimate service, the best that can happen is that both of you feel absolutely natural.

Never leave it in the hands of good luck though! We actively work on creating this feeling from the very start.

We are always polite, nice and welcoming. Because both of us want to feel comfortable during our gay massage —and especially after!

Yes, the massage afterglow is priceless! And also the sort of pillow talk massage that comes later on —provided none of us is in a hurry!

Did we say we never charge the time of conversation? Because we only charge for the time we are massaging you.

Gay masseurs easy to be with

Of course each of us gay masseurs has a very different energy. Let’s check us one by one. Maybe this can help you’d deciding who you want to be served by!


Although not being too proficient in English, Leo always finds a very nice and effective way to communicate! He is absolutely genuine, spontaneous and cheerful!

Leo is also able to build an amazing chemistry for Tantra Fusion massage and longer sessions. Many of his customers fall in love with him. He might not be the first choice for some customers, but he is absolutely able to earn your heart! In fact, many former “fans” of Matt are unable to resist Leo and switched to him —forever?


Matt’s background is porn movies and also escorting. Though we insisted a lot about dos and donts of erotic massage, Matt is still very genuine. He just can’t help asking you personal questions. He has a really good heart, so don’t misunderstand him. His goal is serving you the best way he can. And he think he needs some information about you.

With Matt you are also in good hands! He’ll go out of his way to make you really happy!


Jack is the butch masseur with the sweetest heart on Earth. Of course he can act as a bad boy! He has a huge expertise since he’s been working as a masseur for decades!

Many things Jack are huge though! His tool and his balls are absolutely jaw-dropping!

Jack is extremely expert in many sorts of role-play, gay fetish and very special practises. Just call us to ask!

Jack is also very flexible and adaptive. His expertise allows him to work with Leo and Paco in a seamless way. The result is an amazing three-some massage!


Our black Caribbean masseur is one of a kind. At first Tyson looks severe and even serious. But he is as sweet as candy once you win his heart. Yes, there has to be some commitment on your side as well. Call it shyness! If you give Tyson a chance you will be very positively surprised!

“Tyson is one of the most handsome and sexiest guys I ever met. Not to mention his bodywork!”


Angelo is also like on onion you need to peel off. He might act silent or careful, but once he starts a session with you he will unfold and blossom. Angelo is genuine, sweet and very sexy!

“I don’t know for sure if he’s gay or not. But Angelo has been amazing! His mystery is also a huge turn-on!”

Masseurs easy to be with in Barcelona

Last, but not least, let’s talk a bit about Paco. He is our team-leader. He started this service alone, and little by little the other masseurs have been joining him.


“You are a good guy. Good heart, so easy to be with! From the first second you stepped in!

It is hard to find guys like you. You are simply unique!”

“Handsome, sexy… and so expert! You make me feel even more things than all the amazing discoverings I recently did. That Tantra retreat I attended was sublime, but you are even better!”

Paco earns amazing reviews from all his customers. Also from guys who prefer Matt or Leo. Because Paco is absolutely honest when describing his team mates. And never jealous! To Paco your convenience and your preferences are the most legitimate choices on Earth!

“You gave me absolutely true and precise answers about the guy I was interested in. You really helped me with your suggestions!”

Conclusion: masseurs easy to be with

Everybody likes to be served by nice guys. So not only handsome and sexy!

Everything resulting from being at easy is just beneficial! Because empathy and politeness are a big help to enjoy an even better massage experience.

“A guy who’s just sexy isn’t enough to me. I need some real connection, politeness and of course the most excellent massage!”

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