Male masseur


Victor (Ad)

Unfortunately not available.

Victor is in his early 30’s, but his most obvious asset is his amazing and beautiful long hair! But don’t let this mane fool you! He is masculine, strong, defined and extremely hot in his attitude.

As tall as 1,86 m, just 86 Kg. of weight. Super defined as you can see! And with brown eyes you’ll deeply dive into! Did we say he’s passionate as hell? In fact he is a Mediterranean male.

His bedroom eyes are magnetic and irresistible! Victor is very expert and he knows how to satisfy the most demanding gentlemen —of all ages!

Contact ahead of time to ensure Victor’s availability!

Victor joined us recently, but he is starting to be more and more famous among our local clients. So planning ahead of time is always a safer idea than trusting the last minute good luck!

His most demanded massage session is the 60 minutes Fusion Tantra massage.

Masseur is ideal for…

Own studio: No
Tantric massage: ✭
Erotic massage: ✭✭✭✭
Therapy massage: ✭

Finally and as you guess, the most demanding gay men also enjoy Victor’s amazing coaching.

Please contact us to discuss the details!