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Paco is this expert and hairy daddy masseur in his 50’s. Besides he started this male masseur service himself, he also manages all the exclusive masseurs advertising here. He is known for his elegant & natural masculinity.

Paco is fluent in English, German, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish. He speaks some French and Italian.

Paco’s bear-style can go from sweet to very intense! He will certainly deliver the sort of massage you fancy!

1,85 m tall, 99 Kg. Brown eyes, shaved head, hairy body, well blessed —uncut!

Extremely talented for all sorts of Tantric and mindful massage experiences, he is also offering the widest price range. Namely starting with the 120 € Relaxing therapy.

More and more gay men prefer expert masseurs. Money doesn’t grow on the trees, so this is the safest investment for the perfect massage experience! Paco has his own gay massage studio in Barcelona. This means he is available both for in-call and out-call massage in Barcelona. Also serving his best massages in Castelldefels, Sitges and down the Mediterranean coastline to Xàvia, Dénia, Altea and Benidorm.


Serving in-call at his own massage studio in the city center. Also out-call to hotels and private apartments. See some more exclusive masseurs in Barcelona.


In Sitges Paco can offer you out-call to your hotel or private apartment. Paco is frequently in Sitges, though please book ahead of time in case he needs to travel to Barcelona. More gay masseurs in Sitges.


Paco has a few clients in Castelló. They usually book him ahead of time when he is traveling to or From Valencia. He can easily set up a meeting in a hotel for hours. Absolutely discreet!


This is a unique location, with a Ferry connecting the Peninsula with the Balearic Islands. Some gentlemen have lots of time while waiting for the ship. A perfect alibi to request Paco’s erotic massage! Please book ahead of time to ensure Paco is in the area!

Most of Paco’s clients in Denia have a villa in the area. Paco is always discreet. His education matches the social and cultural level of his clients.


As you know, this is an exclusive location with luxury real estate. Therefore the gentlemen —and family men who are not exactly gay— like to request Paco for his discretion. And of course for his amazing bodywork! Gay massage in Denia.


There is a very special je ne sais quoi about Altea. It feels exclusive yet humble, picturesque and calm. But you can find everything you need. Almost! Because there are no masseurs specialised in erotic bodywork. Call Paco to see when he is next visiting Altea! You’ll enjoy the best Tantric massage in your life!


Paco is spending some long weekends in the area of Benidorm, so he can serve you in your hotel, apartment or villa. Please contact him to match your schedules. Gay massage in Benidorm.


Alcoi is a sort of forgotten place in Alicante. High in the mountains, set in an isolated valley, it is a special mid-size city where you can find almost everything —except tantric massage! Paco can serve you if you happen to be in this area.


Though really seldom, Paco also travels to Madrid. Please ask him for his next trip to the capital city! Gay masseurs in Madrid.


Paco has a few clients in Valencia. He usually visits the city while traveling back from Benidorm. It is relevant you make an appointment ahead of time so he can organize his trip! Gay masseurs in Valencia.


Paco has been visiting Manhattan in the past years,. though his agenda in Barcelona is really packed.

Please contact Paco and find out his current availability and whereabouts!

Paco is ideal for…

Tantric massage: ✭✭✭✭✭

Erotic massage: ✭✭✭✭✭

Therapy massage: ✭✭✭✭

Fetish: ✭✭✭✭ (phone call required)

More about Paco’s massage styles on testimonials… and also these stolen videos!

More masseurs!

The new German masseur in Barcelona

Is there a German masseur in Barcelona? If you are German or looking for a masseur who speaks German, you need to meet Paco, the professional tantric massage expert. Please go on reading to check how erotic and sensual my male massage can get! I am serving gay erotic massages in Barcelona, though sometimes I am also in Benidorm and Valencia.

German masseur

Though I was born in Barcelona my looks are genuinely German. I have spent some of the most relevant parts of my life in Germany. Some other very important aspects of my emotional and sensual life happened in Brazil though.

Of course I can speak German. And fluent since I am a native. My first language was German.

I can also speak English, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Italian is easy to understand to me though difficult to speak. I started to learn Arabic and Turkish but quit years ago. I am very passionate about Turkish culture, yet I have very few time to concentrate on this language. You guessed it! My job takes a lot of time and makes it tough to follow up well!

Before we go on with the subject, I need to remind you about the precautions we are taking to prevent the spreading of covid-19. Please read it as well!

Massage skills

German culture is well known for its striving for perfection. Quality and discipline are just two of the most classic German assets —its it just a cliché?. Think of German cars. German engineering. German technology.

This obsession for perfection is something I also share with that German stereotype. I always wish I could do everything much better. Not just quality but also efficiency worries me. Both in my personal life and in my professional life.

“What is perfection worth when your job is the one of a sex worker?”

Somebody recently asked me. Honestly, I was not ready for this question.

The right answer though is “pleasure”. If you enjoy sensual excitement, sensual pleasure and you feel satisfied after your experience with me, then it was quality.

And this is no arrogance: 99.9% of my customers are extremely happy and satisfied!

For my job to be qualified as an excellent one I need to focus on many aspects. All of them are really different though. So you can see this is not an easy task!

  • Body: sports training, be fit!
  • Soul: balanced emotional life
  • Massage: perfect techniques, constant learning
  • Eroticism: sexy attitude
  • Tantra: grow, grow and grow in wisdom
  • Advertising: honest service description
  • Personal treat: be genuine, not fake!
  • Taxes: control the business and the numbers
  • Agenda: perfect time management

There is much more to my job than you might think when you see my massage ad. Or than you might think when you read my blog. It’s enough though!

You need to concentrate only on the pleasing part of the service!

Worries are for other occasions. And there are already too many!

Intimate communication

My true talents are erotic bodywork and intimate communication. It is easy to me to make you feel safe, comfortable and taken care of. Try me and you’ll tell me if this is true.

I like to use our bodies to share some real sensual excitement.

“Can we talk after the session is finished?”

Of course! I am a great listener though. And if you need to speak, I’m also there!

German fetish

I didn’t know it though! But it tuned out to be a new fetish for my fetish massage checklist!

“I have a very special fetish: German men! Are you really German? Can you give me instructions in German? Just by knowing you are German I’m having a hardon!”

German masseur in Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona for a short time don’t hesitate! Enjoy this very special experience. It is hot, sexy, intimate, safe and very satisfying!

I can offer you outcall gay massage. This means I travel to wherever you are. Hotels, private apartments and other locations.

If you prefer to visit me at my place I can offer you different options as well. Namely in-call massage.

My availability is 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Make sure though you plan ahead! Last minute calls are risky!

Book your masseur

As easy as calling me! Or send me an SMS instead.

Go on exploring my website: shouldn’t miss the testimonials, the FAQs and maybe the erotic stories —based on real massage sessions!

Please remember there are many different massage menus, for different budgets or different needs!

Finally, I think the differences between erotic massage and sensual services are clear to everybody. So if you prefer hiring the services of a gay escorts, please go ahead!

New tricks to become a Massage perfectionist

It is not easy being a massage perfectionist. It is also not easy finding a masseur who is a perfectionist either!

You already know how it feels when the guy is not delivering the massage you wanted.

Let’s talk though about the professional point of view for the time being.

How do you become en excellent masseur?

Professional training

As you guess, it is not easy to get there. Constant training and experimenting, constantly wishing to improve many aspects on massage. As a massage addict, I also try new masseurs who offer different massage styles! Additionally, I am always focused on delivering the best experience for my customer.

While what I consider a perfect massage might feel boring to some customers. Because many customers value spontaneity. So taking the massage to where the customer wants it to go needs some experience!

I am also aware that every man has some different expectations about what he’d like to experience during an erotic man on man massage.

“You have a very special and unique talent to guess what feels exciting to me. You are one in a million, Paco!”

It is not just one customer telling me this though. I guess I have the ability for intuition. Or call it experience! Because I am always focused on what I can feel from your body reactions. Your body, your breathing, your groaning tell me a lot about you. I “listen” to you.

“You have been there each and every second. Your work is awesome, not just a protocol”.

Perfect massage

As a massage perfectionist I believe there are countless perfect massages, each man has his personal and unique desires and ideas about how his perfect erotic massage should feel like.

Finally, delivering this perfect massage for you is my goal.

Massage perfectionist

So if you are a massage perfectionist I’m your masseur. All these amazing exclusive masseurs are as well are as well!

We can speak about your perfect massage session prior to the start and discuss many details. Or you can trust me not telling me anything and see if I really am able to guess what feels sexier to you.

The perfect massage is not only perfect technique though. It is much more. It is delivering the right amount of sweetness, sexy grips, and the right pace to follow your desire.

To me the perfect massage is the personal balance of sensuality and technique. Though each and every man sees this balance in a different way.

Need to know more information about my perfect massage service? Please check Interactive Tantric Massage and also these amazing exclusive masseurs!

Or call me directly: contact me! Paco

This is my Spanish website: El Masaje Prohibido.

See you in Barcelona!