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Manel (Ad)

Unfortunately Manel is unavailable.

We keep his professional profile just in case.

Manel is the classic prototype of male beauty. Strong, with hard muscle, the right amount of hair on his chest, abs and legs, makes him really pop out in the quite uniform industry of gay massage. As you can see, he is not that regular waxed sassy.

Manel is masculine, yet sensible and calm. He seems to be shy at the start, but let him start your bodywork and you will soon discover a really generous and talented erotic masseur!

Watching him remove his shirt is a show, for a start. But letting him work on your body and feeling his big hand on top of your back is a blissful and exciting experience.

Of course you can touch his big hands because you’ll choose the interactive tantric massage.

Manel’s blessing is fascinating. Thick banana, powerful and curved up!

Manel also works together with Paco, Yamal, Benito for the 4-hands experiences and the couples massages.

Don’t forget to book Manel ahead of time! One day ahead is ideal so we can manage his schedule.

Manel is ideal for…

Own studio: YES
Tantric massage: ✭✭✭
Erotic massage: ✭✭✭✭✭
Therapy massage: ✭✭✭✭

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a session with Manel.

Manel’s starting fee is the 60 minutes interactive tantric massage.

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If you like Manel’s photos, you’ll adore his performance!